Hey guys we are treating this day as a day off day we’ve booked a hotel, and our plan was to do nothing like literally nothing we do have a food tour the soft like in the nighttime. But the daytime we were going to do nothing it’s currently Tara o’clock, and we found our check-in isn’t to one. So our lazy day in the hotel room isn’t going to plan.


So Stephen had the brilliant idea I wonder if there’s any simmers that are playing English movies. Because we really want to see the new Star Trek movie yes. So we connected to the Wi-Fi or a boy whom I did in was what, I’m really excited for you said it was going to be good hey yeah we really like the Star Trek movies they’re really into light sightline we’re really into a lot of types of movies really we’re also testing Stephen is connected to life, and we’re looking for hopefully cinema. But does English I don’t want subtitles I feel like an english-speaking wandering with my work English with the Vietnamese sometimes yeah yeah yeah that sounds good no Lee cuz we deserve a day off day if you’d you guys from been to Orion City to tell us this bar by the time you watch this totally be Facebook lies frames you needed it listen that’s a good idea listen alrighty guys we found a cinema that is playing Star Trek in English. So we’re going to the cinema today. But first we need to find an ATM, and also trying grab a goober can’t get over how crazy these streets are look at that pay us to even pay off checking in across the universe on the Starship Enterprise under Captain Kirk you’re diggin none of the fee guys we checked the times wrong in the next Star Trek showing was it four hours times instead we got tickets to The BFG which, I’m also excited focuses on my favorite what do you want it oh yeah Jake wanted to see it with us. But, I’m still excited to go, and see it we got half an hour till that one.

So it’s going to go wander around the shop I think we have literally the only tourists here, and now I can speak English. So it’s going to be an interesting shopping experience smells very welcome to movie reviews in a new bar with Stephen, and Jess it’s time okay first off half of the movie, I’ll give one out of five. But the second half was really funny, I’ll give that part for it five Laura that look the like second half of the movie was really good first half love this acting mean all the best I think next time we definitely need to try, and see Star Trek journey’s happen back to the hotel now we can actually check into our room, and we need lunch we also had popcorn was disgusting they feel like she should roll over it, and in like the reins of the advance you cool yeah we’re all checked into our room it is so rainy outside we’re going to be going on a streak through to later what are you doing la behind Dean look at lids. So wet wait you can’t even see out there it’s so wet oh my gosh gone crazy it’s gonna go chill here for the next few hours report back later that is our plan for this afternoon no way this is the first time we’ve had robes voice former auto matically ten on ten all right we decided we couldn’t stay in our bed all day. So we’ve come on a street food tour to try some food here in Vietnam very excited, I’m very hungry be hungry yeah oh my gosh we’ve come to like Segway town right now oh my gosh this car is gold cue couple goals in three two one leaving a QT we can never be like you damn. But then fry on the fried onions yeah yeah yeah wrap it up you are free maybe every meal I’d like to, and money sauce is really good like a compliment.

So we’re currently walking through Old Market as you can see you’ve got like this old buildings old markets, and then you have like the new city just behind it it’s really incredible to just see this in person seen this old, and new right here you’re burning it Steve, I’m very good, I’m sorry in your home this is why I do the cooking sorry guys, I’m ruining okay you’re ruining all righty you cooked up something hook up something for us it’s good what’s this dish called like one more ting mo me ot bow with me like a like rice flour we are cheating is fried reading. So like fried rice with fried rice flour. So this stuff is rice flour not tofu or anything. So it’s just made of rice rice, and thrifty with Athena good me there, I’m sorry I can’t cook you any dinner by the way, I’m so glad we didn’t have lunch. Because we have eaten a lot of food it’s good cuz you’re able to make everything vegetarian yeah that’s like sweet L sauce yeah the grocery sauce sweet yeah it’s actually really what’s the rice flour taste like to the taste i right I warmed me up yeah like a spot soft as well even though it’s been like deep-fried Jorgen is like I love street food to it. So you can just come home oh just behind you like just sitting on the side of road got eat it, and you cooked I really like her oh good all right, I’m not sure if you know. But there’s a bit of a French influence that happened in early Vietnam, I’m not going to go into the history of it.

But the cool thing is this place just here with where the very first French forget was sold, and we bought from the store from the family are surrounded which is really cool this rice is so good here oh yeah I already cook it then they crap inside a banana all right come on to the bridge we got some some selfies, and some locals playing some music I were to try one of these famous yet Vietnamese baguette everything yummy they put like pickles stuff in it July ever like all people stuff mmm really really yummy a good for lunch yeah alrighty we’re currently putting a lot of trust into our guys I completely calm down what looks like to be the dodgiest alley I wouldn’t even know like I would walk past this very briskly. But we’re here coming to the Mockingbird cafe had to go up these steps once again don’t look like the most inviting place. But hey extremely local coffee shop, I’m sure we’re gonna get the good room at the top there this is really awesome it’s like an abandoned warehouse or something okay you guys need to tell us in the comments below would you keep walking up I think I found it hello – mocking boring coffee yes I am Steve I love it okay freefall Buster this is mr. star thank you oh I got in a little private rooms this is the view from the top Chinese die in a mist like traditional way that we drink the Vietnamese coffee in Korea I just want to put a little bit. So that like you for some ice Vietnamese coffee I like it hot outside nice, and cool it’s strong he it’s actually perfect amount of Street that was an experience hi y’all bye bye y’all alright guys I hope you enjoyed that we loved it always good doing food tours that is pretty much the end of our time in Vietnam we are heading back to Cambodia tomorrow which will tell you all about. But if you enjoyed that post please give us a thumbs up, and we will see you tomorrow night guys you.

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