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Hi guys this post today is going to be about my recent trip for a week to Tokyo Japan. So excited. So we’re actually in Hong Kong right now we had to leave take the metro to Hong Kong, and use the airport here in two weeks. So I have not traveled with you in solo it is a five-hour flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo, and yeah way too much fun in the airport Hey guys it is our first morning here in Tokyo Livio don’t want a mouth Livio it’s not a toy well that is the biggest umbrella I’ve ever seen Livio oh my gosh let’s go before you break something there’s some girls like us bees our house we are about to go up to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan government building completely free to go up there, and it has these paradigm views of Tokyo which sounds awesome you know to hear the new babies I see it in your eyes you know if you tell me today we could make us all top of the building awesome views, and it is free as I said, and there’s two towers which one was better that has a better view the South Tower observatory deck house one is better if you only have time for one.

First Time In Tokyo Olympics

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But we went up to both we went in the afternoon it was not crowded at all, and get it’s free. So should definitely check it out if you’re in Tokyo, and the area surrounding it is really pretty there’s all these trees, and I think we’re just going to walk around fine I tried to fit my head in the frame you like this surreal parking lots to visit one is it the parking lot yes always what I wanted to see in Tokyo we can go to that kind of empty actually we are trying to find where all the people are. Because we want kind of more of a lively area. So that’s what we’re going in search up now. But from now we’re kind of alone nabil yeah we one of those pedestrian crossings with thousands of people going up saying yeah I want to see that I wanna be a joke your experience now happen I think normally people are trying to get away from all the crowds we’re trying to find them. So one of the first things that Libya, and I noticed when we got here even while we were still in the airport is how quiet everybody is so I have never been anywhere we’re just on the streets you feel compelled to whisper as if you’re in a library.

First Time In Tokyo Olympics 2020

Because everyone is literally. So quiet metros buses anywhere you go there’s so many people around you, and it’s just dead quiet this is a famous shopping street, and actually on the weekends it is closed to cars. So people can just walk around you’re quiet like the ocean Oh your treasure even down below if you say , and people say stay strong yes this is crazy know this this is what you imagined took it to be about these flashing lights, and keep walking around fighting crazier crazier streets.

First Time In Japan Tokyo Or Osaka

So many bright flashing lights so much going on you don’t even know where to look first a little bit overwhelming moody Taylor, I’m overwhelmed Livio you run a snack with these girls. So that’s look like Park Geun this Airbnb is pretty small it’s a loft the bed is there, and it’s pretty tiny. But I honestly think that we got a great deal this Airbnb is located in Shinjuku which is kind of like the main area of Tokyo that a lot of tourists want to be, and yet we’re on the outside of it like kind of the edge of that area. So it’s actually a very residential area.

First Train Time In Tokyo

But it’s still really close to everything, and I haven’t really seen any other tourists here this Airbnb was 40 US dollars a night which is for Tokyo, and Shinjuku area really really affordable came across this random party in the street thank you guys for reading hope you enjoyed see you next time somewhere else in the world bye.

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