The Best of Waiheke Ziplining Wine Tasting and Vineyard Lunch

It is a beautiful day to hop aboard a ferry and head on over to New Zealand’s Waiheke Island, where we’re gonna explore the vineyards, as well as do a little bit of zip lining.

Let’s go. Hey! What we’re gonna do is come around and attach these lanyards to your harness. I’m not very good with heights, did I mention that before? Three, two, one, zip!

The Best of Waiheke Ziplining Wine Tasting and Vineyard Lunch Photo Gallery

That was so good. If you could put yourself in that would be awesome. So we did one zip line, and then we get to go on a little mini hike through the forest. And we got two more zip lines to go to. Oh my goodness. It’s a wonderful thing ’cause you get three in total. And they start off nice and easy and they get gradually more exciting as we go. The zip line experience was great.

The speed, the adrenaline, that was really fun. And then the long bush walk at the end was.. topped it off really. Alright, we are all done with zip lining. And now it’s time to go taste some wine. So far this tour has been wonderful. We have tasted two different types of wine, learned a ton about this vineyard, and now we’re off to lunch. This is heavenly. Alright, lunch is done.

Off to our next vineyard. Come on up, ladies and gentlemen. The wine tasting awaits you. Oh my goodness. If you haven’t had a food and wine tasting before, we highly recommend you try the wine first with a fresh palate before pairing with the food. On the nose, if you give the wine a swirl it’s got a really intense bit of passion fruit. And it’s a fantastically crisp, clean style of sauvignon blanc. Today was so awesome! From ferrying across the island to conquering my fears and doing zip lining to then trying all these amazing wines. You guys have to try this tour.

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