Honeymoon in the Maldives

You Hey everybody how you guys doing this is our last day en Cocotte, and I just don’t want to leave with both woke up super early like 6 7 a.m. to watch the Sun Rise, and we went for a bit of a swim in the morning to wake up, and it was just the perfect ending to our trip. But everyone else is checking out heading over to breakfast, and we’re going to go grab something to eat, and then we are leaving Thailand that is pretty much the end of Thailand full stop, and we’re flying to a brand-new country today it’s just. So quiet yeah just want to stay yeah I would love for my pool to be like this when we’re older also having the beach that close, I’m guessing you’re getting the last buggy drive in. So how you work wait do I go to the egg station for breakfast the Asian station the fruit section I went for the pancake station we could just start the morning with the shot oh my gosh you’ve ever had a wheatgrass shot before look you bad good a lot money the acetate there’s enough stock for brekkie for the last couple of days. So really cool thing i have here is a free post box however the thing that blows me away is they have a time capsule.

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So what happens is you grab yourself a postcard write your message, and then post us, and they will give it to you in six months time. So in six months time you just will be married we don’t even know how the wedding would have gone. So this is going to be a cool way to write a message, and see how we’re feeling six months later see you in six months alrighty guys unfortunately we have to say goodbye to the Soneva kiri here on co-could. So we just need to go jump on our boat which will take us to the little airport island just affector thank you so much for everything hey thank you, and I appreciate it go Rico oh thank you all righty we just made it to the airport island, and I suppose we’ve got to go catch our private jet back to Bangkok. But what Mara, and I swear came out on all righty guys something onto the jet we’ll see you in Bangkok for is my time Don my clothes it’s a revolution I suppose Oh came here dad Wow guys folks thanks all righty everyone we are now saying goodbye to Thailand the final time, and we’ll see you in Culloden fall welcome to Lumpur, and Michael on board, and welcome to ism selfies everyone I have my pineapple shirt on sorry it’s a bit noisy. But, I’ll show you I love to do stop your bucket aside right now let’s jump on a seaplane to Alberto Anselmi I am so excited Oh Wow guys that is the way to travel that was amazing we’ve just arrived at Suniva sushi International Airport, and here’s the airport it’s so cool, and then over there is that we’re going to be for the next two days awesome thank you yeah guys we took ingredients we parted with dolphin just in front of us Wow why the eating oh my goodness oh it’s like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 dolphin now that is a great team to have in the Maldives we just arrived it was literally just.

So incredible that since I’ve never seen. So many together how cooler than reading them catch the speed uh-huh wow did you get them yeah ah thank you alrighty guys it is time to give you a tour of our villa. So first of all we have two bikes, and that’s how we get around the island we currently have two Suniva sushi we have a little. Because it’s like sandy. Because we’re in tropical paradise this will do help get the sand off of welcome to our villa oh it looks. So nice I love how the whole thing is it’s a windows that this is our bed, and how cute is this I love the way they put this up all the resource coolers are look about fan that’s really cool. So anyway this is our bed, and then we’ve got a desk you’re like the vibe is like a beach house yeah your own private beach our tropical paradise kind of vibe when we arrive they’ve made us some fresh juice.

Because we had to fill in a form, and we said we didn’t drink alcohol. So they made us a fresh juice which is so nice this is a gigantic couch she will entertain you get like hot fun would have ridges all just a hanger it sure is how big it is with you lying on it yeah quiet walk around show perspective uh-huh, and then. So then our couch is here, and then we’ve got our TV yes you can hide it if you want or you can pull it up, and then if you want to watch anything in here is an iPod. So you can play music or you can also play movies through iPod, and then it plays on the TV which i think is really cool by the bose system yeah I really like technology devices cool yeah, and then if you come through this door it goes into our private backyard. So we have a couch just to chill out, and a little table, and chair there we have our own private pool, and it’s saltwater which i think is really cool, and then everything is sand. So we have another little hedgehogs for when we want to clean our feet before we go back inside yes this is our backyard we have a shower.

So after the pool or after the beach shower that’s our number one I know right we have our own hammock which is so cool, and then here is our entryway to our own private piece of the beach we’ve got some we’ve got some shade from the trees it’s very beautiful woman, I’m sure it will be is it out there that’s a private bar on the beach which we totally have to go to later, and then, I’ll show you what our heart looks like from the front I think it looks really really nice there’s our little house I love it from this angle I have our own little hammock it’s really nice, and then if you come back through, I’ll show you guys the bathroom I may or may not have already had a shower, and already put on a robe not going to lie if you come here this is where we’re storing all our bags, and stuff, and of course is like lots of hangers, and stuff if you’re here for a while we’re here for two days. So we’ll probably just live out of a suitcase for the two days. So there’s the robe as you can see, I’m already in one, and this is where I can get ready for the day I love this with the lighting, and stuff do a dance feel I have seen you instance this is I think mosquito incense to stop mosquitoes Oh cancer that’s where, I’ll be getting ready for the day alright guys. So this is the bathroom this is like a cool little towel rack, and then here is the toilet which I think actually looks really nice, and I really like that toilet paper the whole process or why it’s really cool then we have a double vanity, and then we have a shower yeah which is shower number two, and off you go Steve are you going to follow me yes along here oh my gosh I totally felt assured in the bath about this. So cool look at this bath, and it’s literally surrounded by water, and a jungle if you follow this along here you have to follow all the way along it’s your very own private outdoor shower. So call literally there’s like a lizard running around in there such a good idea on from here you’ll be able to see it, and there you go there is a villa I love how they got the water here really adds a nice touch a nice area on the island they don’t have buggies here.

Because we are an island is full of sand. So here we have bikes, and it is lunchtime when we haven’t eaten today. So we’re ready to hit up the buffet guys we’re in like a jungle do you know which way we go rock let’s go right it’s like paradise right here no hard like just well I think we just come to like palm tree Haven right now alrighty I think we got some directions where do we want to go hopefully we can get a parking spot sorry guys you just come out for lunch I see they have a wood fire pizza oven station it’s all buffet here that’s good guys this is what we need they have an entire salad room this is like this Liz. But just taken to another level oh my so much stuff yes we need the rocket pesto that sounds good Wow guys this is what you need with a view like that this salad is so unbelievably fresh with the food, and they sit up every meal they bring a different shot. So today it is cucumber apples, and passion fruit. So we have to shut it down for each meal sorry okay Bon Appetit – you trust this meal in the mouth I yes, and are you proud, and okay you’d be prouder than go to the pizza parlor straight away it was a meat station, and look at how they just cooked our seafood freaking.

So good, I’m sorry we found probably the most important room and. So hot and. So cool oh wow it’s like little chocolate cleaner wow really wow this just Tsar many desserts they have an ice cream room oh my god what do you go for their God. So they have a bunch of sorbets, and they have coconut ice cream chocolate, and cocoa ice cream oh wow no they’re not I think he just let me go. So dangerous concept. Because sometimes I can’t hold myself this is just a string right now. So I can’t help myself by having sort of good.

But when it comes to ice cream anole terrible I can’t even stop myself seriously all right this one scoop soda camera okay sorry having a bit of an island – oh yeah you’re not 12 good already we’re getting sharing their kids club. Because I could you come here super good for families. So there’s a Kids Club where you can like come chill, and there’s literally three doors, and you have to go through the kids alone who are you working in came to this island , I’m way too much me here also guys this is the very first outdoor cinema in the Maldives you could just pretty much come here, and then they’ll project a movie up there right near the beach guys I’ve organized a bit of a romantic sunset activity for me, and Jess. Because if you didn’t know three years ago in the melodies around this time it was was in February. But very some of the time I actually proposed suggesting the Maldives. So it’s really awesome that we’re able to come back here, and write just before our wedding as well which is really cool. So being able to revisit this area is bringing back memories almost felt like giddy before I remember how nervous I was when I proposed suggest we did kind of post our proposal posts.

So, I’ll link it below. So you can check it out if you haven’t already this was before we blog. So temper your expectations by that, I’m actually really excited for this little lost thing I plan to do, I’m excited I like how you like make sure you pack a bag just full of camera gear we’re doing a bit of a private sunset catamaran, and I thought that open stand Bank out there which I think that’s gonna be the final destination think I found a good spot oh cool thank you this is where you come for dinner they’re just setting it up we’re about half an hour early. But they starting to light the lanterns the Sun is just about set. But how beautiful is this outdoor areas of gold for dinner right now it was too hot before for lunch to eat out here. But I think for dinner this could be a nice little romantic spot. Because these cups are slanted every time I add my milk up always accidentally over flowers perfect it’s like five hours difference here.

So uh that’s all I having coffee at night. Because we are really tired right now, I’m waiting to Jenna, and is about to start, I’m so excited is it a Middle Eastern buffet right over there yeah I can see them as food we should be good Jessie thank you all right guys we have our dinner shot this time it is cranberry, and grapefruit you ready all that for. So good Cheers yes my brother sauce I do yeah this is happy shortly this is the Middle Eastern night that they have on they do different nights sometimes we’ve got my station the bread station, and then all these other stations we’ll go check it out I suppose come across as little bunnies on the island aa body. So once you let us know below this is my presentation of the plate who’s done it better I think you always like the kids follow how good are these all these different stations they have here they just opened it up a fun it’s not. So good also as always there’s a pizza station at 9:00 tonight. Because I know I like this what you’ve chosen Oh. So I do a quick story time things were talking about like our engagement, and all of that stuff when we’re in the Maldives, and I propose the chapter years ago part of like the thing for the proposal was to order like a seafood dinner.

So we ordered a seafood dinner they set it up all nicely I don’t think I’ve shared this story before. But after I proposed suggest right at the beginning of the dinner, and then we got service amazing seafood dinner both of us didn’t even touch it. Because it was so like nervous, and giddy, and excited we literally got sort of like a three-course meal we couldn’t touch it we didn’t even eat any of it, and I remember the chef came up to us, and is like it’s something wrong with the whole group, and it was amazing yeah like very good. But at least now we’re back in the melodies we have our fingers in Arsenic, and we computed this you just come back to our room, and during turndown service it’s so cool see if it picks it up on the camera they put fire around the pool. So it’s so cool we’re definitely going to go for a night swim and, I’m thinking of filling up that bath. Because that bathtub with the mazes of this filling up the bath, and and these look at it it’s not like bath salts, and stuff, and it smells amazing, and put some of that in I hope you enjoyed the post today if you are new around here we would love you to join on our journey by hitting sub comment by hitting to comment right hitting this or commentd we are here tomorrow we got some fun activities planned, and we are in the Maldives or a few more posts I hope you do enjoy them let us know if you are enjoying the Maldives logs give us a thumbs up thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see you next time you gotta focus.

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