Boolie heels that’s where I wanna be oh. So we’re going to Beverly Hills today um, I’m not very good at like doing my face, I’m so bad anyway well I was up to Beverly Hills that’s where I wanna be live in Beverly Hills are you nervous working out here. Because you love your branded people. But today we rock to her Beverly Hills, and the first place we’re going to go to is Rodeo Drive we’re going to do it go to a cafe called earth cafe. Because we’re really cool hipsters Cafe drink enough over for them touching a bit of lunch. So we have some energy, and then we’re just going to go explore might start every day is right, and then sail the afternoon what’s your review out of ten well I would have given it five out of five we’d all of those nachos other people had amazing they had like the nachos you come in a big corn chip Bowl, and then inside the ring. So I think he just broke off the side of it I want to get it next time, I’m doing your hands were like movie.


So four out of five. Because you have no nachos four to five of my large areas the best rookie y’all to 43.5 yes five we had the nachos CPC tell the difference between like Hollywood yeah, and in Beverly Hills such a nice area yeah i way prefer Beverly Hills to Hollywood, I’m just gonna put it out there everyone does like if I was to move here then I was rich there’s a just occasion whatever that type of car is jump ass looks fancy Kanye again he always keeps following us little bits like just lemon trees, and like like into this little house like huh. So cute look at this. So cute I know yeah that’s where I wanna be I think we really fit in we we don’t look like tourists at all luckily it’s Sunday, and on out the two guys two idiots walking down the road with camera pointed at them just picking up my car on the shop okay hey guys, I’m just gonna go, and uh head back to home brainy at least we don’t look like the biggest to us Hollywood to is rainbow. So nice look at the other side of Roble this is for many designer stores nothing of course we can afford at all oh no not even going inside I don’t think they’ll let us inside people quite satisfied for a day of Drive just going to head over to leave the brownie, and you know the Kardashians just got a hundred million dollars for five more years on the show yeah pair up the groove ma-1 to love it’s almond butter. So it’s not peanut butter peanut butter YUM serious let the grow which is a really cool little shopping center really nice setup there it’s good.

Because there are some like you know these expensive shops like Prada, and in there like normal shops as well now we’re just going to head to the. So just get in front of the Los Angeles County Museum looks really nice, I’m sure it looks even more magical at night. So yeah they’re doing the lights on yet you can see more behind that Silverlight. But I think that’s it for today. But we’re really happy. Because we got to take off a lot of places we wanted to go to, and yeah we’re just going to head on home have some dinner we’d be home and, I’m going to make some dinner we try, and take turns making dinner it’s my turn tonight get all my chef’s qualities free to make some mushroom risotto in the microwave yes well I snack on some more cookies, and they say it’s hard to make risotto did it time did it be a dancer guys that was only the entree, I’m now making the main which is some tart, and some of this new peanut butter we got today which is literally made from just peanuts grounded that’s it nothing else is added. So yeah main course lovely just call me master chef Jess yeah and, I’m making Stevie a cheeky little coffee cuz he wants to get some work done tonight don’t you state yes editing today’s post you’re very dark.

But people can see your toast what do you think of the fancy peanut butter oh. So good better than the store stuff we just finished having dinner just finished editing the post as well, and tomorrow we’re actually heading back to the Hollywood sign we are. But this time we’re doing something different there, and we will tell you tomorrow no spoilers hashtag nice work. So we will see you tomorrow it’s reading guys you.

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