First Time Sledding Canada

Guys today is the winter solar sorry the shortest day of the year it’s quarter to 8:00 in the morning, and it’s still pitch black it circles the ball scar which is not a library it’s snowing I don’t know if you guys can see. But it’s snowing wedding Rory it’s a snowing well oh my gosh my toes I. So cold I need to catch some I should have put shoes on okay bells jingle bells jingle all the way yeah we came out here to play well look at your snow angels alright guys. So you’ve come down to the golf course my face currently is freezing off we’ve actually been going sledding as you can see the girls are about to go down, and we brought out Hayden’s drone we’ve never flown anything besides the DJI DJI. But I think what is this actually a dynamic drone. So I think it’s like a kids one.

First Time Sledding In The Mountains

First Time Sledding Canada Photo Gallery

But what I think is really cool is it has a camera. So we’re gonna test it out. But we also realized I didn’t bring the instructions. So we’re trying to work it out my fault Wow go back go back to see if you can take it up which I hated go back Wow is a recording try record before you slide it into a tree oh my gosh it’s super buzzy like zippy how do you feel take her cold though maybe it’s recording this thing is so fun this is my first time going sledding. So here that is what it looks like yeah you’re eating the snow luckily it’s not yellow snow put it in yeah, and then you have to close it good go now yeah you have to both click this one together ready this one one two three what’s gonna happen you like it around its gonna run. But we’ve come out to Terrace which is about 45 minutes where we flew in it’s like the main town Santa’s here for the next 20 minutes.

So we near the Santa proto the little girls are looking very cute for their Santa photo, and they’re very excited to see Santa Santa’s only here for 10 more minutes yeah oh well we made it some people like cutting in line to get a bit of your Santa hello Sara we just got our Santa photos, and they are hilarious I just love how dodgy the job they did like all of this is just open, and that’s like cut off and, I’m pretty sure my half my head’s almost cut off. But we love it it’s so good baby one baby two baby three oh man Dollarama is major triggering me right now when we first moved to Canada, and we put my sleeve top like 30 cents in noodles we were. So broke that’s what we got all our ladies randy from, and then everyone in that post just ripped in our saying I’ve never heard of this candy. But reason they’re notable. Because it was just like the dollar store revolt I’d like to say that the main reason we came down to Terrace was to go see Santa. But it’s not every year now this is the third year running we have a tradition of going to see Star Wars. Because the new Star Wars is out, and come through the local cinema.

First Time Dog Sledding

Because this town is tiny there’s two to screen he’s currently playing what is it I was in 3d everyone is Ferdinand and, I’ll show you how cute this in middle this is it here, and you’d think that this massive building held it all know it’s just this small bottom bit. So we can either go that way to cinema one well that way the cinema to cinema one for Ferdinand a cinema two for Star Wars, and by the way they have a chandelier check out the chandelier this is amazing what cinema has that Hey everybody, and welcome back to Kitimat we’re having some adventurous fun we’ve borrowed back, and Paul’s friends ATVs, and we’re gonna go ATV in the snow it is so cold my hands are freezing right now it is like negative nine good time to go eat Eve eating. But today is gonna be really fun I think we’ve I think we’ve picked a good terrain to go on guys we’ve just come out, and we stopped, and look how much like guys we’re literally Ananya 19 look at that behind us like this is insane Wow like I am frozen right now. But this is mean so much fun all I can hear is my eyes look at that view behind us guys man Canada hopefully just we need to have eggnog well we’re wrapping the presents, and it’s my dream pile what do you want to go for let’s try the original or classic they sound the exact same let’s just try pull one of its ingredients. Because I think eggnog hours glasses well thought we had matching onesies. But we said was that they were matching up what even holiday or something by the way we’re wrapping it’s Christmas presents which we’ve never done before.

But before we begin the first baby when you watch this this was for you I want the one that backs can I enjoy, and we like spent all this money on chocolates we save them for you starting strange things to gonna wrap some Christmas presents.

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