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I §et off in pursuit. A youth walking ahead heard Beijing Vacations the pony cart clattering out of control and he waved his arms in front of it, Beijing Vacations forcing it to skid to a halt. He also helped me to return the pony and cart to its tether, and to assure the owners that no harm had been done. The youth, whose name was Lin, had been on his way to Wushu practice and, as we walked back towards the town centre, he explained that Wushu is an ancient Chinese martial art. His face lit up as he described it, You can do Wushu alone, or in twos, or many people. The rules are that you can hit with your heel, knee, leg, arm or head but not using your fist.

Callum Morton, Motormouth 2002, polystyrene, wood, synthetic polymer paint, impact resistant polyurethane, acrylic, sound; dimensions variable according to room size. Installation view – Art Gallery of New South Wales (Contemporary Collection Benefactors 2002). Image: Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney creating recordings or representations of urban sonic environments, actively produces an aural and embodied experience of space at the same time as mapping that space through the bodily experiences of being driven in the car, drawing attention to the sonic and kinaesthetic pleasures of driving.

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