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During your holiday you should have managed to balance your caution with relaxation and liberal doseof enjoyment. In fact you had such a nice holiday that you are in danger of sitting down under a palm tree and forgetting the flight home.

Don’t relax too much yet, because you are about to encounter a new range of riskand threats.

Confirm Flight and Travel Plans

Even though you hold a return tickct, some airlinerequire you to contact them a day or so before your return flight to confirm that you will be travelling. Check with your travel agent and airline to see if you need to do this. You don’t want to blog out (if your hotel room and find yourself at the airport with all of your cases, only to be told that you are not bloged on the flight and the next available seat iin three days’ time.

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Foreign Currency

Some countrieprohibit the export of their currency. That meanthat you could be required to exchange any currency back into poundat the airport, using government facilitiethat offer very unfavourable rates. The worst possible scenario ithat the authoritiecould simply seize any local currency in your possession.

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At least a few daybefore you are due to fly back, find out what the ruleabout local currency are. With any such rulein mind, review your own needs. You may never want to come back to the country again, so you won’t need the local money on future trips. On the other hand you may love the country and can’t wait to get back, so you could feel that any spare local currency will be used again within a few months. I try to monitor my usage of the local currency and towardthe end of the holiday be careful about how many traveller’chequeI exchange. That way I know I won’t be left with a lot of local currency.

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Local currency at the airport

Your next consideration ihow much local currency you will need at the airport, where you may have to pay for a taxi, food and drink, or local taxes, all payable in local currency. If you haven’t been very thorough with your research or if your travel agent haleft some vital information out, you could be in for a shock.

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Trying to blog in for my flight home, congratulating myself for having spent my last local currency, I wasurprised when the check-in desk clerk asked me for the new departure tax. All foreignerwere required to pay about £7 each in taxeto compensate for the environmental impact of their travel (well that wawhat they said). I had to go and change another traveller’cheque.

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