Five Places to Volunteer Overseas

Are you interested in volunteer trips abroad? No problem! You have more study abroad opportunities than you think. It’s worth mentioning here. There is no reason to limit yourself to a few popular volunteering destinations. If you exercise your creativity and do some research, it is possible to find an opportunity to put your feelings for people and your set of skills to work effectively, in any place in the world.
In the post below, we’re listed a few options for your possible volunteer trips abroad.

Columbia is a favorite destination for backpackers. As for US students, it is cheap to get there and cheap to stay. If you decide to participate in a long-term volunteer program, you will be able to stay there for a long time because of cheap prices. Don’t listen to the baseless rumors about this place; it is a country of fun, dancing and sun.

This is the largest country in the world and is famous for its beautiful architecture, interesting history and legendary literary heritage. Unfortunately, the Russian Federation is still grappling with the huge gap between the rich and poor, and a large number of orphaned children. So, there is an open field of work to be done there. However, it can be difficult to get a visa.

I think that Greece is a traveler’s paradise. You can travel there on the cheap and it is full of amazing places to visit. You can join one of the sea turtle conservation projects there, which will allow you to work and live on the beach, near the habitats of the turtle, and raise awareness for future conservation efforts.

Wondering what it’s like working with elephants? Well, we have a project just for you! In Surin, Thailand, you can work with elephant keepers and help them to communicate with these powerful mammals. Your everyday job will be washing, feeding and training elephants, as well as teaching English to your hosts. The project lasts from two to four weeks and prices start from $600.

Cameroon is called “Africa in miniature” because it embodies many diverse ecosystems, cultures and sceneries, of the whole African continent. This country has a developed infrastructure, so you can try to find volunteering opportunities. For instance, you can join a project called “floating shop hospital,” where you can volunteer your services as a pre-med student. It can be an incredible experience to communicate with people, and see a land that most people pass over.

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