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We’re down to the final stretch here getting to the water this is going to be spectacular I’ve already seen it from high up, and there we’re going to check it out down at water level traversing through the jungle by myself.

But it’s all worth it when you reach the pinnacle you let’s back this story up a minute, and start at the beginning I don’t usually plan much before arriving in a new place. But the mission for this trip was clear from the moment I made that initial descent into florianópolis with 42 beaches across the island I decided to dedicate the next 48 hours to find the very best to flow reap I had to offer it’s a tough job I know. But somebody’s got to do it right my first stop was actually downtown. So I could experience a little bit of the city center and. So I wouldn’t feel. So bad about spending my entire trip at the beach the Central Market was already in full swing when I got there.

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So I proved to the small stands, and grabbed an empty chair sat down for some floaties was famously fresh poisonous from there I slept on some sunscreen rented a car, and met a few local friends to help me find the best beaches in floatie first up is come fish one of the widest, and longest stretching beaches on the island from there it’s the two hotspots JA Kenya, and Mali although it doesn’t look like it now during the summer, and peak season these two beaches are packed with surfers, and beach party, and if robin Leach is wandering through today enjoy la Internacional are the best peaches for the rich, and famous crowd we you know this is where, I’m supposed to be I think this is where Santino, I’m here right after sunset its place beautiful big rolling dunes secluded beach really really nice after an amazing, and peaceful moment in Santino to finish up day 1 I headed back into town to reconnect with the boys who I left income fishy to get ready for the night let’s go party florianópolis this is where our days sites on a hike like we know door less gee some locals in town told me this is how you get there.

So let’s take this little road see if it leads us to a trail to paradise I think it’s hid inside marks our start of the trek oh you got a monkey. So they maybe mark which way do we go that way hello I think this way head over wife I see water that’s a good sign I feel like, I’m Leonardo DiCaprio from the beach just going crazy traversing through the jungle by myself ding beep beep you do. But it’s all worth it when you reach the pinnacle man well anything to say about this place kind of speaks for itself except that whole Beach to myself life is good I wish I could share this everyone absolutely beautiful let’s go up there paradise found mission accomplished. But right now. So, I’ll follow 48 hours it’s really moving along nicely around man vogner’s work.

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