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It’s the mesmerizing dunes of the Sahara Imperial cities where history, and legend live side by side the whimsical detail of Islamic architecture the romance of following an ancient winding alley back in time the mix of colors smells, and sounds that greet you in every marketplace it. So s Morocco a heady mix of cultures, and religions landscapes, and legends an exotic feast for the senses on this adventure.

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You’ll delve into the heart, and soul of your destination interacting with local people, and gaining insight into their culture our Oh eighties small group size allows us to go beyond the tourist track exploring the region’s hidden gems, and heading off the beaten path for spontaneous discoveries all on a discovery filled itinerary offered at an unbeatable value you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions discover legendary Tangier, and the blue washed mountain city of Chef chuan journey to a soy de, and Casablanca abang Morocco’s Atlantic coast from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery we fly from the u. s. to Casablanca where our local trip leader waits to guide us along a loop encompassing Rocco’s varied lands after discovering the ancient palaces, and modern plazas of Rabat we explore the Roman ruins of volubilis, and the minarets of macness on our way to Fez then we travel south across the middle Atlas Mountains, and on to our tented camp in the Sahara, and we journey to the oasis of tunisia here before capping our adventure with a discovery of the medina of marrakech a unesco world heritage site on this adventure.

You’ll explore some of the highlights of North Africa will discover several unesco world heritage sites like the Medina’s offense, and marrakech the mountain fortress of beta ben haddou, and the ancient roman settlement of volubilis will take in striking views of the moroccan landscape, and visit remote villages as we travel across the Atlas Mountains, and a real highlight will be our stay in the Sahara we will walk the golden Jun’s, and sleep in comfortable tents beneath the countless stars of desert sky as you explore our expert resident trip leaders will enrich your understanding of the region since all our trip leaders live in the region they serve they offer a wealth of authentic insight on local life you on all the places you visit what on your adventure and,. Because our trip leaders are all natives of their region.

You’ll enjoy an authentic experience Dacians balance the comfort of modern amenities with authentic lodgings at the heart of each stop on your itinerary each stay on your adventure offers a place to relax refresh, and mingle with your fellow travelers after a day of discovery, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip discover the history, and culture of northern Morocco starting with the cobbled streets iconic mosques, and blue washed buildings of chef Chauhan then traveled to the Mediterranean coast to experience Tangier a city that has drawn artists, and adventurers for centuries you can uncover another of Morocco many jewels enjoying the tranquil beauty of the pearl of the kingdom as you explore asou eras historic Medina, and relax on its sandy beaches, and get another look at the Moroccan countryside as you returned to Casablanca for a final night in the Moroccan port city immortalized by Bogart in the Hollywood film from exotic cities to Roman ruins home to a colorful blend of cultures, and the largest desert in the world Morocco enchants even the most experienced adventurer with its natural splendor friendly people, and ancient history come join oh wait II to discover the wonder of this North African oasis on our Morocco Sahara Odyssey.

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