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The villas of the 1920s have given way to condominiums and cheek-by-jowl hotels. Compared to the great sandy beaches of Maui or even California, the rocky little beaches of the glamorous Riviera are small potatoes. True, hotels like the Negresco and the Hotel du Cap ($300 a day) recall the days of ostentatious affluence. The high season of yesteryear has changed from winter to summer, peaking in July and August. The shoulder periods of May, June, and September are less expensive.

The rail trip beginning at Marseille and skirting the Mediterranean coast into Italy is not as well-known by Americans as other scenic rail trips. Some people who take the trip say they became so enthralled by the scenery that they spent much of the time standing between carriages so as not to miss any of the splendid views. The Corniche roads along the French Riviera are also spectacular, as witness the numerous chase scenes filmed on them for spy-thriller movies.

History of France: Artificers & Persons of low Degree ought not to use many France Metro Map ceremonies to Lords, or Others of high Degree but Respect and highly Honour them, and those France Metro Map of high Degree ought to treat them with affibility & Courtesie, without Arrogancy. 37th. In Speaking to men of Quality do not lean nor Look them full in the Face, nor approach too near them, at lest Keep a full Pace from them. 38th. In visiting the Sick, do not Presently play the Physicion if you be not Knowing therein. 39th.

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