588 College St, Toronto, 416-516-5861 No Website CUISINE: French

DRINKS: Full Bar SERVING: Dinner; closed Mon PRICE RANGE: $$$


This cozy upscale eatery is known for its steaks but also serves classics like Oysters Rockefeller. Favorites include Frogs’ legs and Salmon with Scallops. Nice tasting menu.


Unable to find out much about her history or sinking, I visited Holy Island and was able to track down the old coxswain of the last Holy Island lifeboat. He was at first very suspicious and the very mention of wrecks brought a torrent of verbal abuse about divers not being welcome on Holy Island, even though I had not said I was a diver. I spent about half an hour of gentle chat about the job of a lifeboat coxswain before winning enough of his confidence for him to relax a little – and then there was no stopping him. He was serving in the Royal Navy when the Coryton was wrecked, but he understood that she was bombed by a German aircraft a few miles northeast of the Farne Islands. With the ship being badly damaged, her captain decided to make a run for the shore at Ross Sands in an attempt to beach her. Unfortunately, the seabed off Ross Sands at low tide is shallow for some considerable way out from the shoreline, so when the Coryton came in she grounded about 300 metres out. The sea was absolutely mountainous at the time and the huge breakers which came crashing over the steamer were also pushing her beam-on to the sea. The crew soon realised they were in serious trouble, but their distress call had been intercepted by the coastguard and the Milburn lifeboat from Holy Island was already well on its way to their help. The lifeboat crew managed to rescue all 27 crew members of the Coryton but the ship’s master stubbornly refused to abandon his ship. Throughout the night, the ferocity of the storm increased to such an extent that the ship’s bridge and superstructure were washed off and smashed to pieces; the following morning the luckless captain’s body was found washed ashore.

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