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The Articles of Confederation, the United States’ first plan Fremont Map Tourist Attractions of government, is agreed upon by the Continental Congress, but the plan is not completely ratified Fremont Map Tourist Attractions by the states until 1781. 1778 The British leave Philadelphia in the spring. Fort Roberdeau is built during the spring and summer in present-day Tyrone Township to serve as a storage depot for ammunition and as a refuge for soldiers, miners, and settlers.

Congress ratifies an alliance with France and adopts the Articles of Confederation. Pennsylvania takes over the College of Philadelphia and renames it the University of the State of Pennsylvania. Congress authorizes a $100 bounty for enlistment into the Continental army. 1780 Robert Morris establishes the Pennsylvania Bank, the first public bank in the United States. Pennsylvania passes the Emancipation Act, ending slavery throughout the state. It becomes the first state to abolish slavery. 1781 Congress legislates the establishment of the finance, war, and marine departments.

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