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Why didn’t I come too? It would only take five Fuzhou Map days because the road was good before the rains start. This proposition out of the blue Fuzhou Map stirred some mixed emotions in me. Of course I longed to go to Tibet, but I had no permit for Lhasa and would certainly be discovered. It seems unnecessary to look for trouble, and I don’t really agree with breaking laws; especially if it means possible deportation. I considered a while. The terms of my permit prohibited me from stopping in any towns that were not listed on it.
Matt calling out to Satan

The EMF jumped then, a crazy rush of flashing lights. The KII hit full red then immediately dropped. Matt felt a sudden drop in temperature, “I’m freezing,” he said. They all drew near, eyes narrowed, searching the darkness. Nothing.

Tension slowly ebbed. All remained quiet. Bev turned her camera towards the rear of the basement as Matt exited the crawl space.

The team moved to another area of the basement. EMF and KII meter along with audio recorders were placed on a table between them. Minutes passed, then, there it was again, another KII hit.

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