Today has been how did you describe today. So far interesting last night when we left off I had food poisoning I did not sleep I was doing a fever today we woke up at 7:00 we had a transfer from Mount to Mont saint-michel we got to this little village outside of Mont saint-michel, and our new host took us to the local doctor this guy says that the one cure for a viral stomach food poisoning is cocaine the one, and only coke he was dead serious – he’s like you know what you just drink a coke you put sugar in it rid of the bubbles, and that’ll make you better. So, I’m drinking started it with the bubbles. Because, I’m just gonna do this, and with bottoms up on this we went to the pharmacy, and got medicine me I said it very mild I don’t know how it got the parts I like your body just must not be exposed I don’t know I’ve never been that sick in my whole life I mean right now it’s kind of coming up out of the sickness like I don’t feel great.


But we have arrived at Mont saint-michel we’re waiting to check in we have a few hours to kill Bonjour what did he just say to you the thing that makes this place. So special is the fact if you look out this way you can tell how low the tide is in about six hours we will be way way under water, and see there’s actually people walking there, and it’s funny. Because in the doctor’s office there’s a sign that says beware the tide there’s a church right up on top of this rock that you can only get to at low tide there’s a set of stairs right over here pretty eerie this reminds me of something add the Lord of the Rings. So we’re stopping this restaurant really quick to grab some lunch, and this is the first time, I’m going to try to eat solid food, and the first day, and a half, and we’ll see what happens let’s check this out inside the restaurant there’s the part of the Mont saint-michel Mountain, I’m curious to see what our room looks like you’ll see when we leave this place with the streets of Mont saint-michel look like the very bottom Mont saint-michel is so touristy it just the other souvenir shops there is ripoff restaurants. But if you climb all the way up to the very top, and you come out here at the Abbey you see this we just climbed all the way this flight of stairs we are now at the very top of Mont saint-michel a view it is so quickly out here at least 50 miles an hour you would come to you greatly.

So these guys spots make sure people don’t drown. But the job is not done in the final difficulty, and the fun job, and you can save you the tide just change, and apparently the tide comes in. So fast this was sand maybe 20 minutes ago, and you can actually see the water pushing in how crazy is that. So you guys remember about an hour ago how this was all sand it’s all water now, and start pouring rain that’s amazing oh it’s coming down we are walking down from the top of the Abbey we’re heading to our apartment for the evening wait till you guys see this place this is us for the next day, and a half our little medieval apartment check this out this is the best part we have our own terrace overlooking the ocean, and the rest of the village of Mont saint-michel how cool is this all up, and down the mountain there are these little pathways, and stairs that just lead it’s amazing oh wow apparently all the restaurants on this island close at 3:00 p.m. it’s now 5:00. So we’re gonna head out we were gonna go to dinner tonight.

But we don’t think we can have a full meal also we’ve been going out so much I just want to only want it on this trip is our crepe just the children get crepes let’s go let’s do it let’s go get your crepe look what Jessica found most snail Michelle you like that let’s let him be let’s go get our crepes yeah let him be it is a very cool place. So you have to admit I was just here before it turned into like tourists huh yeah it’s very touristy. But look there’s all these stairs, and paths it’s kind of a maze every corner stairs turn the corner again more stairs we’ve come too late the crepe store is closed let’s try the other one yeah let’s head down into the touristy part of the village, and check there I put the people in a way if you look way up there do you see all those buttresses that’s where we were standing earlier today when we were up on the very top when was windy, and look how high that is off the ground from the rest of the castle it’s pretty amazing I have never seen anything like this my whole life tonight was really nice we went got some food we brought the food back to the hotel room had a nice dinner, and then I took a four hour long nap I said I was gonna fall asleep for thirty minutes, and four hours later. But I feel so much better I think I just need to rest you talk about peace, and quiet is 10 p.m. at night the Sun is just setting there’s nobody around, I’m on a big rock in the middle of a sand flat in France on July 1st I forgot to mention this at the start of this post. Because we were.

So out of it from the food poisoning. But tomorrow is the beginning of the Tour de France. So it is going to be absolute madness here all the riders are going to be here all the press, and everyone, and we should have passes to go back, and just be involved in all the madness. So it’s gonna be a lot of fun, I’m gonna walk back to the apartment Jessica’s probably wondering where I am oh it’s like getting up here off the stairs pick it up here. But I have a bit of a dilemma, I’m locked out this is what, I’m going to do, I’m going to climb up this is our balcony here, I’m going to spider-man my way up through here I climb up on the balcony, and look who I see coming out at me give me the look of disapproval a scale that castle wall for you I didn’t even have to let down my hair uh you should came with me for the walk though it was so cool no if you go on the leeward side of the castle there’s no wind. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less live your passion we will see you guys tomorrow for our last day in France.

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