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Hello my name is Johannes power from the city of Augsburg in southern Germany. I work as a program director from Grand Circle cruise lines on the trip Romans of Rhine, and Mazel.

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I grew up in southern Bavaria my childhood was comparatively uneventful the fact that we lived close to the Iron Curtain. I was not aware of as a kid but. I do remember very well when the wall came down, and Germany became reunified.

I was about years old plan. I am a historian by Professor having a Master degree in modern history the Romans of rain, and Mosul has a personal interest for me as a historian. Because the cruise actually passes by the final battle fields of the Western Front in world war two one special place for me is Luxembourg there you see not only the American military cemetery but also the cemetery for the German soldiers which is located close by well as program director very often.

I do the walking tours in the city myself my personal favorite on the whole trip is the city of spire seven of our kings, and emperors found the last resting place in the city of spire one thing. I would like to make people aware of have a look at the inner city areas we will always encounter a mix of buildings old, and new, and that tells you where the war damage actually was where you have a new building that’s always where a building was destroyed in the war whether it was in Belgium the Netherlands or Germany. I hope.

I raised your curiosity about my country and I hope to see you soon or see you again you.

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