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Sri Harmandir Sahib is also called Sri Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple. This temple is situated in Punjab in Amritsar and is regarded as the most pious Sikh temple or Gurdwara. This temple symbolizes the openness of Sikh people towards all people and every religion. Every Sikh of the world desires to do their prayers in Sri Harmandir Sahib and show their devotedness.

It is said that Sikh’s fourth Guru Ramdas Sahib had excavated a tank in 1577 CE which later came to be known as Amritsar with a thought in his mind to establish such a Gurdwara where all Sikhs can come easily and offer their prayers and so should it be centrally located. His dream was further fulfilled by the fifth Guru Arjan Sahib who personally supervised its work of construction.

In this manner the Golden Temple’s construction work commenced from 1570 to 1575, this temple is also an living example of unity in religious diversity seen wherein the foundation of this temple have been placed by the Muslim Saint Harjat Mia Mir. The four doors of the temple also display about unity and equality among all the religions. Guru Sahib had built this temple irrespective of the discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender and religion and had made it peaceful for every person. The dome of the temple has layers of pure Gold laid on it.

Here in the temple Guru Vaani is sung every time. It is a strong belief of the people who have visited this temple and offered their prayers here believe that they have found their minds full of peace coming here which cannot be expressed in words as it can only be understood and felt.

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Guru Harminder Sahib’s pond of water which is situated in the centre of the Gurdwara has increased its beauty; worldwide the golden Temple is considered as the biggest Gurdwara. Rather In the entire world Golden Temples Gurdwara is also famous for the largest kitchen that it has and the food cooked in this kitchen is served to around one lakh people daily to fulfill their hunger. Here in 30 minutes 2344 people have their meals.

Here the workers work in three shifts wherein the working team is divided as Pulses making team, second team for making vegetables, third team for making rice. There is no such corner in the world where rice is cooked in such large quantity as here in this temple. The sweet dish making team here in the golden temple is the world’s best team. As on today in the Golden Temple 75 kilogram rice’s fried rice is cooked here, 35 huge tava’s are used for making chappatis in one special machine.

In this kitchen daily 16 quintal pulses, 9 quintal vegetable, 12 quintal kheer, and for Prasad 15 quintal flour is used for cooking, for preparing all these things in the kitchen daily 100 gas cylinders are used and 400 cylinders are always available in the stock along with readily available provisions of at least five months. Daily 1, 25, 000 people pay visit to the Golden Temple. In the morning at eight in the breakfast tea and biscuit is served and later on at 2.00 lunch is served.

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