Which Greek Island Would Be Your Ideal Holiday Location

Planning a holiday with friends or family shouldn’t be a difficult task. After all, if the goal is rest and relaxation, why should it be such a chore to get everything planned? Unfortunately, planning an overseas holiday does take a bit of work. It also requires considering which options you can afford and desire. For many, a holiday trip to southern Europe is an ideal choice – especially in the winter months.

There are hundreds of Greek islands that offer a plethora of different holiday atmospheres and activities, but picking the right one for your holiday excursion can be confusing. In order to make things a bit simpler, we’ll review a few of the best islands to consider for your next ideal holiday.

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No list would be complete without first considering the largest Greek island of them all: Crete. With hundreds of miles of coastline and a diverse terrain and people, this can be the ideal one-stop holiday location for many travellers.

History lovers will absolutely find plenty of points of interest in Crete, with thousands of years of history preserved all over the island. Those who like to do a bit of fishing won’t be disappointed, as there are many great fishing villages scattered all over the coasts.

Both the beaches and nightlife are also quite busy here, giving younger people the chance to party and enjoy some sun by the sea whenever they so choose. With a vast array of great Crete villa rental options offered by companies like Blue Villas, you’ll find plenty of villas in Crete that are close to the centre of life and activity on the island. Crete luxury villas are an especially good option for those who want the epitome of relaxation!


Long forgotten by travellers but rediscovered in recent years, the Greek island of Mykonos has become one of the top destinations for travellers seeking a great holiday stay.

Many people travel to Mykonos because they want to fun-filled, electrified vacation. Many have compared Mykonos’ atmosphere to that of Ibiza and San Tropez, featuring a plethora of night clubs, bars and late-night activities for the more energetic.

Relatively small at around 100 square kilometres, you’ll be able to easily trek about the island on foot, by bicycle or via taxi. Long known as having some of the most beautiful vistas in all of Greece, many also find the island to be a great choice for relaxation despite its reputation as a world of festive activity.


One of the most talked-about Greek islands, Santorini has unparalleled nature beauty and is one of the most iconic of the Mediterranean islands.

You’ll find some stunning views from the coastline, with its classic terraced houses dotting the mountains and creating a lively scene with colours across the spectrum. Those in search of the best dining options in the Greek isles repeatedly come back to Santorini for fresh seafood and other delicacies.

Hiking and sight-seeing are great here, with plenty of rugged hills and expansive coastlines to explore. You’ll be able to find great accommodations on the island as well, with nothing ever more than a short walkway from your abode.


A lesser-known island that is increasingly gaining attention, Corfu makes a great destination for families seeking to have a memorable holiday. Located in western Greece, Corfu is a quiet island with plenty of awesome architectural styles, quaint villages and beautiful natural land.

Whether you like deep-sea fishing, scrumptious appetisers or historical museums, Corfu has something for every member of the family to enjoy.

These four Greek islands present opportunities for the ideal holiday location for both you and your guests. With each offering a different sense of style and adventure, you can easily pick the right adventure for your next trip. While there are hundreds of Greek islands you could visit, we feel that these four are a good sample of what all the islands in Greece have to offer.

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