What Guests REALLY Notice Your Wedding

WALK THIS WAY‘One of my favourite moments was at the summer wedding of a couple who didn’t have a very big budget. To save money, the bride walked to the church from her mum’s house nearby. On the way back, for the reception, we had a procession through the streets.

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It was brilliant – there were lots of car horns beeping and people applauding. Much more memorable than an expensive vintage Rolls.’Laura Horton, 27 WORD PLAY‘My sister spent months (and a fortune) buying Scrabble tiles and holders to make everyone’s place cards. It was actually worth it – people were playing with them all night.’Zara Jackson, 32GAME FOR A LAUGH‘For her summer wedding, my best friend had a funfair theme. During thedrinks reception, she had a coconut shy, hook-a- duck and a high striker (strongman game), with mini bottles of champagne as prizes.

So. Much. Fun.’Eleanor Gibbs, 31SINGLED OUT‘Not long afer I’d split up with my boyfriend, I was invited to a school friend’s wedding. At the reception, I was put on a table with her weird cousin, one of her husband’s colleagues, a couple of other “singles” and some teenage children of her parents’ friends. Talk about feeling like a social leper. No singles tables, please!


‘I like a good speech, but not when there are about 10 of them. At a country house wedding last summer, there were three speeches in between each course – the bride, the bride’s sister, the bridesmaids, the father of the groom… and yes, therewas a video montage of messages from friends andfamily who couldn’t makeit. We didn’t get on to thedance foor until 10.30pm Natalie Goodman, 32 SAY CHEESE ‘I’ve been to a lot of weddings with a photo booth, but one friend madeher own photo studio – apretty tablecloth as the backdrop, speech bubblesmade out of MDF and blackboard paint. With onePolaroid camera, we wereentertained all night.’

A friend’s husband is a graphic designer and, for their wedding, he designed their own logo. It was printed on everything, from stationery to labels, on the beer bottles and badges. Tey even turned it into temporary tattoo transfers. We were branded!’…and three things they don’t!

YOU’VE GOT NO MAIL‘i spent ages coming up with a unique idea for my guest book – ordering a red-and-white american mailbox from ebay and making bespoke cards for guests to “post” their messages on. in the end, we only got about four. i wish i’d asked one of the ushers to encourage people to write them.’

IT’S A WRAP‘for favours, i gave all the girls pashminas, in just the right shade of blue to match the flowers. at the end of the night, most of them were left on the back of the chairs. i’ve now got quite a stash of them at home.’EXTREME MAKEOVER‘one of my old flatmates got married at home in Gloucestershire. she thought it would be magical if we all walked through the woodland to get to the marquee. it took months to landscape an enchanted path through the trees and i don’t think anyone – champagne in hand by this point – fully appreciated the effort.’

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