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Fishing in Winter

There is nothing easier than fishing in summer, but it’s a whole different story in winter, when the ice on some Siberian lakes and rivers is six to ten feet thick. You have to dig for two hours before you can even start to fish.

Extending a Net Under the Ice

The net is attached to

Waaden pale

Once the pole has been passed from hole to hole under the ice, the net is attached to the line and pulled through. The next day when the net is hauled in, the line is obviously left to run out so that the net can easily be reset.

The middle holes are allowed to freeze aver, leaving only two hales to be maintained. It’s not enough just to dig through the ice. The tricky part is doing so in the right place. Both on lakes and rivers, look for deep spots, trying to locate them based on the surrounding topography. Obviously there is no question of making soundings.

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