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Therefore I deduced that I could go to an area where Harbin Map there is no town, and I asked Wang to drop me at a Tibetan nomad camp Harbin Mapanywhere in the mountains before we reached Lhasa. The drive took Harbin Map three and a half days. From open grassy mountains at about 7,000 feet the Harbin Map road undulated across a vast plateau, then rose to higher flat grassy plains where herds of yaks were grazing, great shaggy beasts, mostly black, others brown, white, or black and white. When we approached in the truck they lowered their horns speculatively then, seeing our size, they turned and bolted away, shaking their large furry heads and waving their long bushy tails. I laughed at their antics, but Wang, the driver, said they can be a nuisance. He was rather dull company because, being Han Chinese, he didn’t share my enthusiasm for the Tibetans

Matt wanted to start this portion of the investigation in the darkest, most remote section of the basement. He crawled through a hole in the stonewall that led to a small crawl space. Crouched in total darkness, he brought out his EMF and KII meters. The EVP session began.

During the first few minutes of Matt’s EVP session, Bev slowly moved through the old section with a growing sense that something was about to happen. Feeling a bit uneasy, she rejoined the rest of the team as they silently watched Matt. He was summoning whatever entities or spirits might be there. That’s when slight fluctuations on EMF were noticed.

Matt asked, “Are you trying to communicate with me? If you’re here with me, can you come over this way, towards me?”

“Are you a demon?” Silence followed.

“Are you demonic?” Again, nothing. Though it seemed an eternity, only seconds had passed.

“I’ll ask you again. Are you a demon? Are you demonic?”

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