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1459 River Hwy. 704/663-2628, www.queenslanding.com

HOURS: Hours vary depending on the season and the vessel. Call for details.

COST: Sightseeing cruises $11.50 adults, $10.50 seniors (60+), $7.50 children under 13; lunch cruises $18.50 adults, $17.50 seniors, $13.50 children under 13; dinner cruises $45.95 adults, $42.95 seniors, $35.95 children under 13

Queen’s Landing is the launch point for The Catawba Queen and Lady of the Lake. The sightseeing boats cruise Lake Norman, a man-made lake and the largest body of freshwater in North Carolina. The 1.5-hour and 2.5-hour cruises travel past some of the 520 miles of shoreline and some of the most ornate homes in the region. The views are worth the price of admission. An extra $7 for adults will get you on the lunch cruise where the fare includes a hot dog with cookies and chips. The price for a dinner cruise is steep but the sunset views over the lake can’t be beat.

Several hundred times more powerful than the tremor that struck Haiti Hawaii best places to visit . Chilean officials listed 486 deaths from the earthquake and accompanying tsunami. More than a half- Hawaii best places to visit million homes and thousands of businesses were destroyed. Damage, estimated at close to $30 billion, was more than double Haiti’s financial losses. Despite its severity, there was very little in the way of an international response to the Chilean tragedy. Chile did not ask for assistance.

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