Hiking The Inca Trail – Leaving to Machu Picchu Peru post

Oh in we’ve made as Machu Picchu Hey everybody welcome to day one of our inca quarry hike this is getting excited I think before I was super nervous leading up to this. Because you hear about all the hiking. But now that we’re here they’re setting up breakfast for us are you going, I’m excited look at this start to our day by the way just look behind you this morning they picked us up on a bus this is the starting point, I’m having breakfast first, and also we’ve made some friends these guys are gonna be help these guys gonna help carry some stuff for us. But look how sure what the forces are here in Peru well everything here is sort they look like they look like ponies they’re sure Jessica you can’t say that and, I’m sure, and see sure that’s why Stephens like oh my gosh.

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I feel really tall here oh yeah I am the giant little breakfast table has been set up for us with possibly the best view oh yeah that sounds good do you want some guys we should have a toast to the first day we all look amazing on the first day, and we’ll see what we look like in three days time Cheers just packing up ready girl on the first bit, and Jessica is all sorted ready with her walking sticks you look enthusiastic now okay here we go Reni how high are we right now all right is 10:00 to 8:00 Saturday 7th really sense of October we’re currently at 2800 meters, and we’re going up which days meant to be the toughest day the most inclined you can see this is just the beginning buddy hey buddies company some people just live up here just casually do that block everyday come across a little stream which, I’m sure there’s a beautiful waterfall at the top waiting for us wow this is amazing I told you guys there be a waterfall we come to our first stop, and it is an ethics office waterful secondly 4050 metres up it’s so cool that is a beautiful view.

So we are down there at that waterfall, and now we’re gonna walk all up to this archaeological site just up there just crossing the stream that leads into the waterfall. So you go for a dip down there you know where we end up guys we’ve just arrived at some inca ruins it was so worth it walking up here it is so beautiful this is so amazing, and we’re so huh how epic is this view spot it just keeps getting better, and better what are palace the porters have beat us up here set up a lunch for tent they set up a tent for lunch, and look at this beautiful backdrop wow this is incredible it’s certain luscious out here I see you have a whole bunch of sheep as well just grazing this is so cool this is just a picture perfect spot. So beautiful almost looks a bit like New Zealand laughs yeah with all the beautiful green mountains this is paradise.

So green here Hey uh-huh I guess. Because of the stream to the spot for lunch this is nice first dish quinoa soup he knows he knows Kardos stuffed with veggies veggies cheese pasta for water we literally just boil it straight from the stream, and then to cool it down to fill up our water bottles just put the tea pot back in there guys that’s the pace we need to keep at this is so awesome just on our trail it’s just a local who’s house just preparing I don’t know dinner or something they got their pigs just there, and literally just on top of this entire hike we’ve just done just how special is this telling us it’s so special I just love how she helps her over big sister Oh camps I have to walk an hour, and a half to get to school, and back Wow we complain about major. So I campsite for the night this is our tent yeah. But this is so cool they what’s amazing. So how long do you take what’s the time it’s 2 p.

m. 2 p.m. and we 3,800 guys the biggest tip we can give you if you’re doing a lot of exercise or trekking like the Fetty advice brings Snickers have something tasty waiting for you at the end. Because then you it’s like a carrot at the end of the stick sorry. But I think we’re gonna have a siesta the 10-pound guys we have a bit of a leak. So we’re gonna try, and figure out a way.

So we’re gonna get flooded overnight man we’re roughing it Hey everybody welcome to day two of our inca hike it is a beautiful day that’s just after 6:00 a.m. and being able to open up our tent to this breathtaking view was was probably the best way to start this morning our 3800 meters above sea level, and we are going to be going 4,500 or 4800 by the end of today this is so cute – Diaz it’s so cool how I literally camping like in the middle of a village, and then there’s like we woke up to people’s donkeys, and chickens going we’ve let people coming over, and trying to say hello it’s so so cool I see some hikers coming up oh wow it’s probably the other group yeah yeah breakfast is ready the day to hike begins, and apparently this is the longest day, and I think it’s probably just after 7:00 yeah we’re not gonna get in till 5:00, and we go up to forty four hundred forty five hundred meters yeah. But apparently it’s very heavy loaded at the front. So what of the uphill is done now, and then it’s kind of he said on delay. Because it’s like up, and down, and then it’s kind of downhill.

So it’s got to get through to lunch – dias guys we just cost 4000 meters this is the highest I’ve ever been and, I’m sure if you guys are understanding why we keep saying how high we are. Because the higher you get the hotter it gets. Because we’re closer to the Sun on top of that there’s less oxygen up here. So we’re pretty much our pace is like a zombie pace you’re just like yeah literally we’re walking like sloth. So it took us an hour to get up here just over that’s where we were camping. But to be honest it’s tough. But it’s not like struggling tough that’s okay literally you just do it at your own pace yeah.

But, I’m enjoying it this is good man this just reminds me of Lord of the Rings I just look at this mist coming over this mountain yeah absolutely incredible Wow welcome to what we call on de la hey guys as you can see there’s like little bumps through here. So we’re gonna go up, and down that’s the sacred valley just down there whoa we have made it through the highest peak on this entire track almost four thousand five hundred meters what we started at 2800 that is intense achievement it’s all down here from here we’ve done the hardest bit this is one epic view rise above as this is insane being at like the same level as the clouds, and just seeing the town down there, I’ll give that this is definitely one of my best achievements coming up yeah that was worth it as a group we’ve all made a little bit I got where they’ve called these. But if you guys do come here come find our little Tower alrighty guys it’s all downhill now I think from 4500 we go I think camps up might be 2800 hour we’ll double-check for you when we get down there. But yeah downhill is always the best the last top yes you guys can tell this incline that’s where we got to go Wow guys it’s hailing oh my goodness we’ve made it to our tent they’ve given us like a little football that is and.

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