We are catching a bus up to Whistler the weekends are we there for today, and tomorrow could it be cold, I’m sure it’s colder up there as well just with the camera double-whammy how nice is that oh wow. So we just said Squamish quick toilet stop coffee stop maybe. But it’s beautiful wow that’s beautiful guys this is so nice just a little bit. But hopefully as we are higher the drizzle turns to snow. So just got to whistle guys, and we’re just going straight on to the slopes, I’m no checking into my trout.

HITTING THE SLOPES IN WHISTLER Whistler Canada Photo Gallery

So we’re just here getting skis, and they even also ski lesson hopefully we can at least ski by the end of the day just yeah on the mountain learning to ski absolutely incredible up yeah it’s such a beautiful view we did go skiing one time in Queenstown New Zealand. But, I’m sorry New Zealand this this setting is just amazing I mean it just looks. So beautiful. But we’ve upgraded from learning to ski, and now we’re breathing beginners. So we’ve conquered the beginners class we haven’t eaten today yet there’s a little snack shop here. So our bellies be hungry, and when it calls it holds we try the poutine what is that well I know it’s a Canadian dish where your chips gravy, and cheese curds we have to give it a try first taste test. So you get a bit of cheese I assume some chip good just like the chips in the drive you won’t leave your stuff oh my god the cheese eat that cheese I can see why the Canadians rave on about this seriously please it’s so warm inside just come into Starbucks we’re meeting up there are 45 minutes, and heavy sound to our Twitter.

So you guys we hear jury nice yes kingly, and it’s just pumping with the most voice was five at the moment it’s just there’s live music playing everyone’s treat away free, and stuff, and it’s got such a cool vibe to this place like before I came in here oh it’s Jessa it’s gonna be like hogs food at Harry Potter it pretty much is this little town just nestled in the snubber, and it’s incredible we’re loving it yeah we just arrived at our hotel guys it is beautiful it’s like this nice little hotel just nestled in the mountain, and it’s snowing he’s to touch Vinick Wow we are in a whatsit meet mutual guys have been bad Wow that view from the balcony, I’m impressed guys hello fire it is on actually don’t know what else expecting. But I wanna go, I’m happy balcony yeah, I’m just happy I get my own bed are you cause it’s like the ski weeks’s concerts look at that view this is actually places I stayed in especially from the air beam visa this never works come in come here that’s cold we’re going to go out clubbing. But first we realize that there’s hot tubs. So we’ve got our roads on we gotta roll though, and we’re gonna go, and check out the hot tub let’s do it let’s do this hot tub turn hot tub time machine bro. So he’s got his robe on we’re gonna look kids boo mama baby hot are you in here mister it’s outdoors oh look at the steam you it’s so cold my toes are freezing oh I can already feel it is I can see the steam. So hot giving me pins, and needles it’s so hot come sit over here you feel tingly yeah this is so beautiful just I was so good all pain from the skein is fixed that was the hottest expired ever been in. Because I think like you stripped down, and it’s so cold, and you step into the spa, and you get pins, and needles that before. But we had to cut it short. Because we are just about to get ready, and we’re gonna see what the towns like. Because it’s the last night of the ski week festival. So there’s some free shows bands playing, and it should be good yeah. So we’re gonna have some of this before we go he was going.

Because we are still tired yeah I know it’s like funny. Because such a marketing gimmick. But that hug me coca-cola thing that was cool I’ve seen it online as that sky Sidonie like set it up the commercial then you see it there, and it was just cool like there was a long line to sit line up for it battery Whistler the crime that’s a real talking about we were eating that Easter thing the Easter Bunny tastes the grocery store sold Vegemite Scrolls. So happy doing craving Vegemite for the record not all Australians like it you know the scale we’re back home now, and we’ll see the front of the fire kind of warm up, and it was a really really good day that’s awesome doing we ended the day having some drinks around like a big fire it was really cool I feel like Whistler is like its own little fairytale land like you come here, and has it’s only this little town, and oh it’s so nice. Because I think the Olympics was here a few years back it’s all new hotels in this evening guys yeah. So you need like a little like town of with flow is it like a little city we saw it reminds me like if you go to like just you, and I, and all like you know Universal Studios it’s like all new, and like this little bubble you just walk in there it’s cool, and then you just leave oh my god I said before my zip Hogsmeade in Harry Potter like it’s little you can really Ryu apini I don’t know anyway i if you come to Vancouver I record like the number I would recommend even coming to Canada to come to Whistler he’s good Whistler it’s this is one like the nicest places we’ve ever been to I love it still here tomorrow. So we’ll keep you guys some cruising on the adventure then.

So we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye guys night.

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