Holiday Shopping Edition


#1: LUGGING AROUND HEAPS OF BAGS THE FIX: Focus on proper shoulder mechanics during Circles Up and Circles Down on the Arm Chair (or standing at the end of a Cadillac).


#2: STANDING IN LINE FOR WHAT FEELS LIKE HOURS THE FIX: Maximize abdominal engagement with Chest Lift and Chest Lift with Rotation on the mat with a double breath pattern.


#3: TOO MUCH ONLINE SHOPPING THE FIX: Offset forward head and round shoulder syndrom.


#4: BEING ON YOUR FEET FOR TOO LONG THE FIX: Keep your feet and ankles healthy with a band series consisting of Point and Flex, Circles Clockwise and Counterclockwise, Inversion and Eversion, working to stabilize your leg and moving only through your ankle and foot.

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Balanced Body Precision Rotator Discs These unstable spheres in two different sizes and resistance levels—or without any at all—instantly reveal imbalances (from $29.99.

SPRI Smart Rope with Bluetooth This upgraded jump rope synchs to an app so you can track your progress—and prep for an impromptu round of double Dutch ($59.99;)

Merrithew™ Twist Ball™ with Pump The sand in this six-pound ball with adjustable neoprene handles moves with you, making for one shaking core as you work to stabilize ($69.99;)

BASI Systems Ped A Pull This reimagined apparatus—with more spring settings, adjustable height and width options, and a stowable seat—can accommodate just about everyone ($965;)

2 . Three-Pound ActivMotion Bar Weighted ball bearings shift with your every move in this hollow device clinically shown to recruit your powerhouse up to 173 percent more than an average weighted bar or ball ($99.99;)

3. Peak Pilates Ugi Fitness At Home Kit When you can’t get to class, do an entire workout with this bouncy, squishy ball in your choice of weight; also comes with five DVDs, a workout guide and an app ($169;)

1 . OPTP Stretch Out Strap Pilates Essentials Package Use occupational therapist and Pilates teacher Angela Kneale’s loopy strap and 40-plus exercises to boost strength and stability while taming any tightness ($20.95;)

2 . YEVO Labs Yevo 1 These wireless headphones have all the bells and whistles and then some—think pro-grade acoustics, optional noise cancellation and up to 20 hours of battery life ($249;)

3. Corpore Wear Posture Enhancing Undershirt With versions for both men and women, this shell features two active compression zones to provide tactile cues when your po.

1 . Go Dash Dot Infinity Bag Bag lady, be gone, thanks to this mesh carryall with separate compartments for your laptop, lunch, laundry, mat and more ($198;)

2 . PhysicalMind Lean™ Holster and Minis™ Create space in your spine, increase circulation and promote proper shoulder mechanics at your desk with this warming neoprene holster that secures a set of wedged platforms to any chair ($40;)

3. WAGs Flex The sleekest model in the Wrist Assured Gloves line, these gel-padded gloves provide light wrist and thumb support for Planks and more ($29.99;)

1 . Joseph Pilates’ book is the ultimate must-have ($9.95;)

2 . Merrithew™ Eco Mat for Kids in Pixel the Robot When you’re stuck inside, this toxin-free nonslip mat will help your ’lil one burn off some energy ($27.99;)

3. Gratz Studio Wall Unit If you can’t fit a Cadillac in your home studio, this is an amazing stand-in (from $1,595;)

1 . Runamok Maple Gift Box Three gorgeous glass bottles filled with organic syrup that’s either been barrel-aged or infused—we’re addicted to the Cinnamon- Vanilla—will elevate your breakfast (from $64.95;)

2 . Drinkmate Spritzer This mini carbonation system measuring at just 12 inches adds bubbles to any beverage ($89.99– $94.99;)

3. The Oak Tumbler Infuse wine, beer or straight-up liquor with complex notes of aged oak in just 30 minutes 2 . ($49.95;)

1 . Daily Harvest Sundaes Just add milk to these ready-to-blend “nice cream” in flavors like Cacao Cookie Dough and Salted Caramel made with organic fruits, veggies and superfoods ($7.99 each for 6 cups;)

2 . Fourth and Heart Five Piece Ghee Set This shelf-stable, dairy-free spread—in Original, Himalayan Pink Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, California Garlic and White Truffle Salt varieties— is an Instagram darling for good reason: It’s butter tasting ($69.99;)

3. Urban Remedy Metta-Morphosis Plant-based organic food and juices are delivered to your door, plus you get access to online movement and meditation classes and support (from $210 for three days;)

Raw cacao sweetened with coconut sugar is supplemented with 10 billion active cultures, plus prebiotic fiber from yacon root ($30 for 30; ). Help him or her stay grounded with this fruity blend of orchids, goji berries and marigold ($21; ). This slim study box has everything you need to brew and enjoy a cup anywhere, anytime ($73 for Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper, coffee filters and three packs of Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground;)

Stay warm with 12 organic, non-GMO bottled broths, gently cooked soups and raw “Southies”; Split Pea Chlorophyll and Beef Bone Broth are two of your sip-worthy choices ($136; ). Hop on the bowl-lunch bandwagon with this BPA-free airtight container available in eight hues ($32; ). This compact BPA-free contraption whips up veggie noodles in three different sizes ($24.99;)

A dozen bars come in a variety of chocolate types (think: high-intensity dark and low-sugar milk) and exotic flavors like Coffee + Cardamom and Rose Salt + Lemon ($85; ). Formulated with a pediatric dietician, these cold- pressed blends like Butternut Squash, Apples and Oats are a gift for mom and baby alike ($29; ). The brand’s three raw, organic and fairly traded blends—Green Dream, Cacao Magic and Berry Bliss—make for the most heavenly smoothies ($127;)

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