Honeymoon on Minneapolis

ARRIVING TOO LATE THE EXPERT: The owner of Fªte Perfection in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Amy Rubins has planned weddings in Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States. We were doing a wedding in Germany, and guests were coming from the United States I always recommend guests arrive at least two days before the ceremony so they’re well rested and can adjust to the time change.

One particular group of six guests decided they were seasoned travelers and didn’t need to arrive early but rather on the morning of the wedding. Their fl ight was delayed and then canceled, and they actually didn’t arrive until the day after the wedding.

THE FIX I recommend that the bride and groom arrive at least three to four days prior to the wedding so they have time to fi nalize meetings with their key vendors and confi rm details. And plan for the unexpected. Air travel is as unpredictable as the weather, and to assume that you won’t encounter a delay is just poor planning.

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