Hey guys we just passed the Blue Mountains they look. So beautiful we’ve never seen them before, and we are about an hour away until we get to Sydney speaking we finally arrived into Central Station or staff please open doors an emesis yes from the Train we’ve arrived Sydney artistic journey I freaking love that thermo. But now we need to get through the choice accomodation for the night oh my goodness this is incredible first night in Sydney in an area called the rocks, and it’s one of the oldest, and most historical areas sustained in Sydney, and as you see yes it is right next to the Opera House, and a pretty sure the Harbour Bridge is just around the corner as well, and we’re staying in a place that the Harbour ox hotel, and the rooms here are beautiful some outside in our patio.


I’ll quickly give you guys a room to us here we’ve got like a barbecue, and a sitting area, and again views of the Opera House. So beautiful, and then if you come inside here we’ve got our lounge room which is nice a big desk little kitchen area with an espresso machine, and then we’ve got our bathroom in here with a gigantic shower, and bathtub very nice, and then we also have our bedroom this place is one of the biggest place I’ve ever stayed oh it’s beautiful started explore the rocks rocks everyone this is literally our favorite place to be in Sydney for there’s like the old Sydney it’s so beautiful. But we’re gonna show you the Harbour Bridge, and Opera House tonight. Because they’re just such iconic places that we need to show a minute away our favorite spot is Sydney we’ve got like Opera House there, and then we’ve got the Harbour Bridge just there, and in the city just that it’s a good spot.

So just walk around the rocks, and collected a couple of little bits for dinner, and we’ve decided we’re gonna have some down on the balcony while the Sun sets. So quickly now rushing back to our hotel. So we don’t miss it I’ve set up a little dinner for us do you like it yay, and we can play music on your laptop, and then we’ve got a little bit of cheese, and pita bread with Fluffles into Zeki, and I made it all comfy, and we can watch the sunset it’s so pretty yay yay this is like dinner goals right now. So comfy right now alrighty guys the Sun has not set and, I’m so exhausted we’re gonna end the post here if you new around here click comment, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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