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Oh oh Hey guys, and again we are packing all of our stuff we are sadly leaving this gorgeous island of koh lanta in now to drop off on her scooter.

So that we can get our ferry. But they are closed. So we can’t drop off our scooter, and our ferries leaving change, and they have like Libya’s passport I don’t know what’s gonna really happen they say they’re coming they’re coming at 7:15 7:30 just. So because we don’t know if anyone’s going to come about leaves in like 20 minutes. So the guy ended up coming last last moment of our ferry we’re in Kat right now at lunch, and got our ticket to the airport apparently my name now move us sigh doesn’t get jaded take care of class lights in Hong Kong it’s like that’ll be where 14 years in jail Hey guys back in Bali again I got back from our trip from Thailand, and we got to this place Livio, and I picked out this place, and rented it like half a month ago we were really looking forward to it. Because it’s more of a real apartment than our other place was that we had last month here involving our own little house here you know when we were looking for places we specifically told everyone that we need fast internet.

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Because we work online. But this place they had specifically said that it was 20 megabits a second which is that, and then we get here actually point to a second not even to point to we need to make money, and we need to work, and that requires internet for us I don’t mean to be starting the post I often miss like hopeless despondent. But I do feel pretty discouraged right now just. Because we had looked forward to this place we thought it was going to be our home. But apparently not we are going to go, and look for another place, and hopefully somebody is going to have something right now that’s another thing I don’t know. So wish me luck update Livio went out, and found us two options he came back, and showed me the photos on the scooter yeah houses in two hours go means good I had to stay here, and work on a post then going to upload as soon as we get to some better internet we decided based on the photos on this one house I can’t wait to see it I can’t wait to have a little house shortest day ever we packed our stuff, and we’re leaving again, I’m uploading a post it’s going. So fast, and Livio is obsessed with checking the speed of the internet again, and again not a good moment.

Because while they’re uploading it’s not going to be accurate. So well the point is love it on my tree yes hey just like seeing the dog I actually go faster than Hana while live eel you’re really into it huh yep today we have a little adventure we’re going on a pretty long scooter ride all the way to the south of Bali on the way unfortunately it started to rain a little bit. So hopefully it stopped she got back the same scooter that we had last month spoon dolly if you saw my last post with Livio as the dark rider here you’ve malloced something else I don’t know what we’re on our way just got here got stopped by the police we knew that it would happen eventually. Because everybody has these stories of getting stopped by the police in Bali they requested 1 million rupiah from off said no it was funny they are stopping only tourists like every tourist that was driving by they stopped them whose monkeys here learn not to trust them it helps do the Bundys, and before you think oh no another beach it is it looks like something out of sight experience to be army the only one to do it all right which are the holding back at me Oh only oh you’re the only one that can me you’re the only one only one against me Oh that was an awesome beach there’s a lot of stairs to get back up now we’re off to our next destination which is this cliff overlooking the sea postging as I climb stairs I hope it doesn’t end up being something I regret we’re a little lost little lost again come to the end of the trail right there I don’t know where that is supposed to go. But it’s not where we need to go it has started to rain. So now we get really fashionable in these things what is this cool is we are still in search of this Malathi Beach cliff but. So far we haven’t been able to find it upon getting the run we will go to any length my inside from the outside is all chance can you choose.

So I survived. So my inside only comes out. So amazing now we go up a turn of steps to see the view lots of steps today all those stairs, and we found lovely parking lot. So that was pointing going back down all those many stairs now you see that right there it’s a temple on the beach, and that’s where we’re going now you can align Oh this place is so awesome definitely different from the Bali that we are used to seeing that’s two unique beaches today that are really different from I think not only what we normally see here in Bali. But also just any beaches that I’ve seen which was great. So two unique spots that you can visit in Bali the names are in the description, and both of them are completely free which was awesome they bags of you.

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