How To Get Employment Pass In Singapore

Employment Pass is the work visa, which issued to the foreign, directors, owners, entrepreneurs as well as the employees of the Singapore companies. If you interested to work or start a business in Singapore then you should apply the employment pass. Getting the employment pass is also essential to work or start a business in the Singapore. It is the legal documentation, which help to support your employment. So you can able to apply the employment bass based on your needs. In general the EP (Employment Pass) is the work pass, which granted to the foreign professionals. Moreover, in order to get the employment pass you need to have respective qualification as well as experience. If you get an employment pass you need to register your company. This employment pass does not issue based on any quota or merit, so it is fully legalized.

If you need to get the employment pass then you need to have the following qualification.

1.At first you need to have any degree or the Acceptable diploma.

2.Professional qualifications and Specialist skills

The MOM (Ministry of Manpower) also evaluates complete qualification details. Moreover the employment pass issued for one to two years as it is also renewable. The employment pass is most important to work or live in the Singapore. You cannot able to work or live without the employment visa. The PE issued under certain conditions and it has the salary threshold, which is ranging from S$3, 300 per month. Based on the experience, qualification and salary the MOM is granting the Employment Pass. If you need to apply this EP, you should be educationally qualified. For the immediate family members unmarried children as well as the spouse with the minimum monthly salary can have chances to apply for family visa.

To get the employment pass you need to submit the DP applications, the authorities collect the following documents from the applicant

1.Copies of all the educational certificates apart from that, they also collects the past employment testimonials

2.Copy of resume and working experience, passport – size photograph is must take from the applicant and a copy of the applicant’s passport.

3.The copy business profile and detailed description about the service at products of your company.

The authorities collected these documents to avoid the malpractices and the same time they need to submit these documents in English if any documents that are in another; the language they need to translate into English. The applicant needs to submit these documents in the Ministry of Manpower. Before that the applicant need to fill the application in online or else you can able to fill the application manually filling the online application is much easier, if you feel the application they will take just one to ten days to issue the EP. In between the time the authorities also collects the required details from the applicant. The manual application process little complex it will take up to six weeks from the date of filling application submission. So keep these points in your mind to get the EP.

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