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Welcome back to We Hear on Travel Savvy TV. Today we’re talking travel deals and how savvy trip planners score the best deals out there on dream trips at the last minute. Many of us plan our trips with a simple google search, right? Well sometimes great deals are not going to show up at the top of your basic search, so you will have to dig a little deeper. Rather than scrolling four or five pages down, try searching travel sites like ShermansTravel or TravelZoo or even destination specific sites, like or

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All of these websites offer trip planning aspects with excellent values that you might not find anywhere else. Also known as aggregation deal sites these URLs have a full edit staff who are actively looking for the best deals and itineraries that main search engines might not return on a basic search one of our favorite aggregators is Dunhill Travel Deals, which offers their members free access to the latest top travel values exclusive spotlight offers and more. This site allows you to browse by destination and vacation type to help you find the perfect deal quickly and easily. On the homepage, under vacations and cruises, search results are dynamic, meaning they are updated in real time which makes comparison shopping easy to do since it’s all in one place. It saves you from performing separate searches on every hotel or cruise site separately, and gives you many ways to search and browse. For instance, cruise fans can browse by destination, cruise company, or port of call. My favorite page on their site is their Last Minute page with a list of offers that range from quickly expiring deals to getaways at the part within the next week or two. Hotels and cruises don’t always sell out to capacity, which can mean that prices can drop substantially at the last minute. Dunhill currently has over 11 million commentrs in the US and Canada. Their members have free access to special coupon codes, exclusive deals, and limited time offers.

There’s every destination you can imagine for all types of travelers–pet friendly destinations, luxury vacations, budget travel, family trips, you name it! One example of a fun and unexpected deal that I found on the site is this six-day Journey of Discovery to Historic Eastern Ireland, an area rich with history and ancient castles and Abbey’s. The deal came in at $2013 and is perfect for visitors who want to see a whole new side to Ireland’s ancient East. The jam-packed itinerary includes time to explore everything from the wilderness of the Wicklow Mountains to the heritage of ancient Kilkenny. You’ll get up close and personal with castles and Abbey’s in the region, learn about the history of Ireland’s emigration, and of course visit the stately House of Waterford Crystal. Check it all out on their website. So to recap, if you’re the type of person who wants to dig deep for the best deals when you’re booking your next trip, definitely consider an aggregation site like Dunhill or else be prepared to scroll way past the first page of your search results and leave no stone unturned before you commit. That’s it for this week’s We Hear. Travel Savvy and see you next time. Hey there, I’m Paula Keung, editor in chief and host of Travel Savvy TV. Thanks for reading us on my blog.

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