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This is something out of a movie right buddy of mine. But they all waste as I was on ok with their out the corner holding on say let me slow at the Tate’s merchant house which is a historic building. But the important thing that everybody comes to see here is this big tree started swallowing up the building after it was abandoned this is absolutely breathtaking in here I feel like, I’m in some sort of lost world from a movie set right now Wow I can only imagine the person that found this, and discovered it after all those years of it being abandoned, and apparently they had to cut back the tree a lot in order to even get in here. So the way that it is now is just a fraction of how much the tree actually took over this building I had been a bit skeptical about coming here I thought that the pictures looked.

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So unbelievable that it was probably just one little area, and a camera angle that they use to make it look. So amazing. But no actually I don’t even think the camera can really capture this place this huge ruined building of bricks that has been devoured by a tree, and there are windows that are just covered in vines here used to be a window tonight when killed me looked telling me eyes told me that’s the way we holding onto you we had it. But I was wrong your thighs from a mile away the other way I left a message at the tone shuttle home I bet your private Laure feeling Lissa you still hold my buddy suppose they can promises you know you already both say you love me in the state is I think here you can really see how massive this tree is so it starts start there stretches all the way over there, and it also goes down swallowing up the house on the other side too it seems like a huge forest, and there’s only probably about four or five trees here. Because they’re just. So massive it is only fifty time when you use dollars to get in here super cheap, and worth it couldn’t you change those alleged games gaming as a new Sheridan you say screaming us your name.

But it still feels right to me well that was one of the most epic places I have ever seen hi guys I know that I did jump right into the post today. But I was so excited about that treehouse. So gorgeous. So for my third stop in Taiwan I took a two-hour train ride down the coastline to the city of Tainan Tainan is a great place to go if you want to get a taste of the culture of Taiwan. Because it’s not as touristy as Taipei. But it is still a very big city, and historically one of Taiwan’s most important there’s a really nice blend of modern, and traditional architecture, and history, and culture here everywhere here you find temples just as you’re going I can’t even stop at all of them.

Because there’s so many now at the souk on port or in Chinese to condole actually from the way that it’s spelled in English it always makes me read it like chicken port. But it’s not actually called that oh my gosh all of the koi fish are coming near me this always happens I think quick bitch like me inside the fort now the street cool, I’m actually not sure if people are supposed to be up here in the top level. Because I think they’re doing work on it, and there’s all these I don’t know building materials. But I came up this narrow staircase, and nobody stopped me. So the city of Tainan was actually established by the Dutch of a Dutch colony by the Dutch East India Trading Company in 1600s before that it was just a small fishing village. But the actual city of Tainan was established by the Dutch shot these they look good actually up inside I asked what they were, and the lady said they were sponge I don’t know what that is I chose to try them. Because there were tons of people in mind to get them which i think is always good Wow not what I was expecting I thought that this brown stuff she sprinkled on was like cinnamon sugar maybe that these would be sweet.

But it’s actually is a consistency maybe of a grape, and it’s fish spicy too good spicy the food here is pretty interesting. Because historically Tainan was very wealthy, and they were one of the cities that could afford sugar. So they took advantage of that, and kind of added sugar to all of their dishes. So they’re kind of known for having a sweet tooth, and unusually sweet food here right now I am standing on the top floor of the Hayashi department store it is a five-story building that was built in the 1930s as kind of this high-end upper-class department store which was one of the first in Taiwan, and it was actually the first place in the city to have elevators, and people would come from a long way away just to ride in the elevator are pretty nice views of the city of here to on the roof I know that this Lantern yes. So big why why is he inside how long will it take three days that’s fast for a little snack I came here it was really crowded, and it worked pretty. So I like almost no idea. But thank God it’s a pulled pudding inside like a cold vanilla pudding inside crumbly outer layer kind of like a cookie behind me is the most picturesque food cart I’ve ever seen eh with animated puppets on top I don’t know why.

But found that well walking around at night last night was great the city has a great energy it’s like not too busy. But it’s still lively. So I really like it Here I am back at the forest again to say bye to you guys, and thanks for reading the post is over see you next time in Taiwan bye soon.

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