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Hey guys it is another beautiful day here in Shenzhen still loving it getting settled in, and getting used to things here and, I’m just going to show you a little bit more of that today right in the middle of I have never seen such a neat orderly pile of garbage it’s almost pretty come over to the Oct take it overseas Chinese town area, and it is so green I feel like, I’m in the middle of a rain forest here there’s palm trees, and birds singing, and it is a absolutely beautiful day perfect temperature that you just want to be outside all day which is what, I’m planning to out with coffee again check out our blog yeah here you have to come in wave across the shore Oh found a hotter house they advertise on the sign that you can buy anything for your home in the kitchen or the after room Oh this place is so awesome it’s some sort of wine. So cool there’s just all this art on the log or we just went into the most awesome bookstore cafe ever which my favorite thing Oh poor Ellen waiting to drink a milkshake trying to get Libya to come over here. So that he can see how awesome it is. Because I think we should look for an apartment over here it’s really really cool at 11 I think you should design you’re closer to school yeah this is close to more populous we have come to the beach for the water anyway I like my sweet Hong Kong I have come out at night, and I just cut off the metro stop like using the city I am meeting a girl here that is local efficient jet actually met her through.

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So cool I’ve never met her in person before. But uh I want to tell you guys what happened the other night didn’t want to post too much there, and once you hear the story you’ll kind of understand why after I had dinner with my friend she asked if I wanted to go to her friend’s tea house of course I didn’t we end up going to this apartment building which the friend unlocked the door, and then we got the elevator to just a normal looking apartment door, and I thought maybe there’s been a miscommunication she unlocked the door, and as soon as we step inside it’s like a portal to another world these paper lanterns glowing with a soft golden light actually a secret tea house not even a lot of people local to Schengen know about it it’s actually one of the most exclusive, and expensive tea houses in the entire province only serve the absolute rarest of tea here is a very special tea it is 18 years old the girl that owned the tea house is just really this artist such an amazing moment to be able to share this, and just share in someone’s culture, and what is obviously her passion no machines had ever touched anything in the place at any point for example when they were making the pottery like the spoons, and the tea cups in the kiln they didn’t use wood that had ever been touched by machines.

So the wood had to have been chopped down by hand no machines had ever touched anything in the place at any point of its life just was this very pure feeling, and I don’t think that that’s very common I don’t think that that’s a thing that you could find really anywhere in the world these days very easily we have come to the coolest whiskey bar Oh having Yamazaki, and their head of course didn’t think I like it. But I do walking along and, I’m sort of hot Sgt mark there’s so many parts here I’d actually want to play a lot of times that I’ve never found sort of cotton balls falling off of it looks like. So it’s really pretty Kip here staring at me right in me oh here you have to come across the shore ah.

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