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Hong Kong Island Half-Day Tour

This post, we’re doing a half day Hong Kong island tour, where we’re gonna see Aberdeen, Stanley Market and Victoria Peak. We’re here in Aberdeen and we’re gonna hop on a sampan boat and check out the fishing village. We’re now floating among the houseboats and it’s really cool to see where the fishermen live. They’re all very unique boats and they have a lot of personality. It’s such an interesting juxtaposition to see all these houseboats surrounded by these massive skyscrapers. We’re going by the largest floating restaurant in the world and this thing looks like a gigantic, colorful boat.

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I’d love to eat here. On to the next stop. Repulse Bay got its name from the HMS Repulse battleship that used to protect this area. Now, it’s the most popular swimming bay on Hong Kong island. We’ve made it to Stanley Market and now it’s time to shop. Oh, look at these. Think I’m actually gonna buy this for my nephew. Last stop of the day: Victoria Peak. Where I’m gonna get a bird’s eye view of the city. The view from up here is unreal.

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You get to see Victoria harbor, all the skyscrapers. Even on a slightly cloudy day like today, the views are still incredible. While most people come to see the view of Victoria harbor, you have to make sure to check out the view from the south side of the island, see Hong Kong’s natural beauty. Now we’re headed on the tram and heading down to the city. It’s only seven minutes from the top to the bottom. Wow, this tram is steep. Feel like I’m on a roller coaster. Packed with culture and skyscrapers, Hong Kong island is the heart of Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Market Walking Tour Mongkok District

If you’re looking for culture and markets gallore then the Mongkok area here in Hong Kong is where it’s at. Mongkok literally translates to busy corner in Cantonese, and as you can see, the name fits. The Jade Market is the largest of its kind with over 400 stalls. If you can make it out of Jade, it’s here in the market. Just a few doors down from the Jade Market is the Wet Market where they sell fish, and vegetables, and meat. My favorite part is that there are so much food to choose from you can seriously just eat your way through the market. Mongkok even has its very own fish market, and not fish for eating, fish as pets.

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You can find dogs and rabbits, all sorts of animals from the Chinese zodiac except for tigers and dragons of course. Hey little guy. We’re now on the Ladies’ Market and this is where you come to find anything a lady may desire. The Flower Market is out of this world, so many different colors and varieties, you name it, it’s here. There is so much to see and do here in Hong Kong that it can be hard to choose how to fill your day. You would really be missing out if you didn’t spend an afternoon just wandering the streets of Mongkok.

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