Interrogated by Border Control Australia

Hello guys I am getting ready right now to leave for Australia I just got back from Kuala Lumpur yesterday kind of a crazy time. Because I only have one day back home here in Bali, and now, I’m leaving again. But my first stop in Australia is going to be in Cairns all missed trips something a little different, I’m doing it by myself. So Libya is not going to be coming with me on this trip, I’m going to have to say bye to him temporarily guys no it’s not goodbye forever or something like that excited about Australia see you there are you ready to go yeah you will be missed Oh tremendously, I’ll miss you winning guys I have landed in Karen had a bit of trouble getting through immigration. But, I’m going to tell that story like after I leave the airport.

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So the story they thought it was suspicious I guess that I was traveling alone, and I had such a small bag I asked where I live I don’t really live anywhere. Because I’ve been traveling for a year, and half men they just went crazy asking me all of these questions they were interrogating me for an hour. So many questions how I afford to travel about my boyfriend like you I have a boyfriend they were even going through my journal very in-depth interrogation. But I am here now I already just love it walking around, and I heard all of this like screaming in the street if you can hear that all around me right now, and I thought it was bird it’s not. So the flying soft spots I think I’ve only seen them on TV it’s so cool, and there’s hundreds, and hundreds of having all the Seas by crabbing right now being a soldier by artist is not eating the games are using what is really early to kind of see the sunrise on the Esplanade today from the business although you made it you made this beautiful pool behind me is called the cairns lagoon I was so surprised yesterday to find out that it’s absolutely free. So good to be in the water when I was on lagoon showing you know I still have Libya kind of to back up camera works right now I was just trying to like put the camera down on the edge of the floor, and then kind of leave it unattended, and post a little bit of posts myself you know just trusting that people wouldn’t feel it.

So taking a risk for the post some people were looking at me like I was crazy. But well something that is so great here is going to coffee if you guys know me you know that I love love, and coffee I have been hearing for. So long for years about how awesome the coffee, and espresso in Australia is, and I have to say that all of the rumors are true it is just amazing let me have a cup coffee now not again sizing Venis worker coffee first impressions of hands loving Australia even though I had a interrogation getting in here Karen is a pretty small town very laid-back almost no traffic everyone here is extremely relaxed I was kind of surprised by business hours here yesterday I was trying to go, and work somewhere to cafe around 2 o’clock all of the coffee shops, and cafes were closing around 2 or 3. So that was kind of surprising, and they open around 8:00. So people have very short work shift here I suppose, and then there are more businesses that open for night, and they’re kind of a night business versus a day business sort of thing that was different for me also here there’s stuff this for free, and useful stuff which I feel like in the u.s.

isn’t as common for example the beautiful lagoon by the Esplanade is completely free that whole swimming pool, and they actually offer free classes every morning, and different things like rock climbing or yoga or exercise classes, and that’s all just for free also there’s camps community Wi-Fi which is awesome all over the city especially by the beach you can just go, and be on Wi-Fi, and it works I was able to call my mom back in the US, I’m staying a hostel which I don’t normally. But Australia is pretty expensive. So I wanted to try, and save money, I’m paying 14 US dollars a night loving parents, and I am going to go, and see the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow which I am so excited about in the mean times explore more of this lovely City 9:00 in the morning, and it is already surely hotter lydian thing, I’m Josh Julia be ready with some sunscreen they were trying to walk the Botanical Gardens here I’ve been walking in the heat, and walking in the heat for about half an hour and, I’m only halfway there, and I have some really bad blisters on my feet. Because it’s walking around here so much pretty painful. So I don’t think I should continue leave it for another day again right now the tides out. So sweet Jesus looking the best.

But I still love it with the mountains in the background how that is getting tonight the back are everywhere thy build the best right now is made of booms this Street. So thanks for reading my post in can Great Barrier Reef, and more coming up see you there thanks for reading hi Oh.

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