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Witchcraft Trials Before a trial began, a suspected witch was often subjected to a series of tests meant to ascertain whether or not he or she was a witch. Iran Metro Map One such test required a thorough search of a woman’s body, looking for physical evidence of fellowship with evil spirits (called familiars) in the form of witch’s teats. These were believed to be evidence of the witch’s familiars, who were sent out to do her bidding and received sustenance from her body by sucking on the nipple-like mark.

Typically, women of standing in the community were gathered to examine the body of a female suspect. Another test for the presence of a witch was the ancient practice of having the accused, along with several others in a crowd, touch the victim. If the victim was able to distinguish the touch of his or her supposed tormentor, it was believed to be evidence that the latter was a witch. A third test administered was the water test. The accused witch was bound hand and foot and then thrown into a body of water. It was believed that a guilty person would float, being assisted by the devil; the innocent sank. Other extralegal tests for witches included the requirement that the accused recite a passage of scripture without error. Such a task, it was believed, could not be completed by someone associated with evil. Prior to indictment for witchcraft, the legal process required the gathering of formal evidence. This was generally obtained through the depositions of witnesses of the events or people associated with the afflicted and the accused. The depositions, in combination with the results of the above tests, were presented as evidence for indictment, which was followed by a formal trial with the verdict to be determined by a jury. The trials allowed for testimony on both sides of the case. Many cases brought before juries resulted in the acquittal of the accused. For those convicted of witchcraft, the punishment was death by hanging.

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