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ETHNIC GROUPS: Briton, West Indian, Indian, Pakistani.

RELIGIONS: Church of England, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian.

LANGUAGES: English, Welsh, Gaelic.

EDUCATION: Years compulsory 12. Attendance nearly 100%. Literacy 99%.

HEALTH: Infant mortality rate 13.3/1,000. Life expectancy males 69 yrs. females 76 yrs.

WORK FORCE: (about 26.4 million in 1979), Agriculture 11.5%. Industry and commerce 54.4%. Services 29.9%. Government 6.6%. Self-employed 7.6%.


CLOTHING: Fall and winter clothing is needed from about September through April; spring and summer clothing is useful the rest of the year.

HEALTH: Good medical facilities are available. Living conditions are generally excellent, and no unusual health hazards exist.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: London and nearly all UK localities have an automatic dial-through telephone system. Cities in the U.S. and Western Europe can also be reached by direct dialing. Internal and international services are efficient. London is five time zones ahead of US e.s.t.

TRANSPORTATION: Great Britain is a crossroads for international air and shipping routes and is also accessible by highway and train from points throughout Europe. Rail, air, and bus transportation in the UK is excellent, and travel between all points is quick and easy. Rental cars are available. Traffic moves on the left.

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