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Thomas Forrest (under the pseudonym Andrew Barton) writes The Disappointment, or the Force of Credulity, the first comic opera composed in North Country. Irving Metro Map As George O. Seilhamer explains in History of the Country Theatre: Before the Revolution, The Disappointment satirizes the popular colonial belief that Blackbeard (Edward Teach) hid his pirate booty on the banks of the Delaware River, near Cooper’s Point, and that he killed a prisoner and buried him with the loot so that the man’s ghost would guard the area and frighten away treasure hunters.

Consequently, any report of anything even remotely supernatural happening in the vicinity of Cooper’s Point is enough to get the superstitious and the gullible running for two things: their shovels and someone with a knowledge of the black arts, who can help them find the exact spot where the treasure is buried and cast a spell of protection around the area to ward off the angry ghost.

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