Is This The Best Diving Spot in The World Soneva Kiri Thailand

So it’s such a lovely swim to do this morning. But I realized I haven’t even seen our own little part of the beach yet let’s go have a bit of an explore this morning Karl this is nice. So there’s our villa just up there, and then I see this with like a little deck chair with the umbrella for us Hey everybody, and welcome back to paradise it is just after 8 o’clock got up this morning, and went for a swim, and that is the best way to start the day just you know jump out of your bed straight into a nice pool, and then walk down to your own bit of paradise this this has been one of the best starts to a morning I have had in a long time I seen it all over the resort, and I didn’t know what they were until now when I realized I have quite sandy feet also I need to let you guys know this hands-down was the comfiest sleep I’ve ever had these three pillows we got to pick them. Because before we came here we had to fill in like a 10 page preference document I know.

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So that is the detail they go here, and one of them was about your bed, and we got to pick three or four different pillows we wanted how we would like it centered, I’m pretty sure we scented it with lavender, and also they asked what since you wanted it in the room, and we say we would like lemongrass. But I really love the smell of lemongrass. But on top of that just the bed was so comfy I didn’t want to get up this morning. But the pool was beckoning us if we had forgotten anything they leave a fresh pad for us every morning. So we can say for example I think we ran out of toothpaste last night. So I might just get them to get us some more toothpaste actually do you not having issues with my lens I like getting two fogging they said a humidifier can help that you can get a hot water bottle we’re going to be spending the morning at the beach, and they’ve given us the speech back to you how cute is that I should do like a what what’s in my beach bag.

So you know just the essentials just like you know a drone why do we even need it. But I know we need it. But we’ve literally just sunscreen towel, and a drone that’s what’s in a beach bag Uber’s here mm-hmm way to find having our own little golf cart. But lion chaperone here taking me to breakfast breakfast mother currently getting fitted for us local gear and, I’m what number Stevens having a Cinderella moment Oh buddy that rocks shape it looks like a bit of a bulb tree, and just off the boat onto an island just over here the waters are so nice, and blue, and we can go for a bit of a snorkel parently they put this little area around this tiny island for us. Because there is a lot of fish a lot of coral reef as well it’s going to be good to jump into the water. Because here in Thailand is extremely hot, I’m actually the most relaxed I’ve ever been is all asleep here, I’m about to jump in, and you can already see the fish everywhere gonna be a good swim how’s the temperature very nice the temperature I need to jump in now okay. So you just finished diving, and you guys need to come here honestly this has been the most beautiful hands down best dive we’ve ever done out of all the places including like Great Barrier Reef Hawaii South Africa Tiger was really cool.

Because we got to see two five meter long manta rays. But in terms of like reef, and fish this has got to be the most beautiful place I would suggest you guys come here, I’ll get the names of the island, and then you need to come here, and smoke I do it’s so clear. So crystal ooh I’ve never swum in colors like that before. So they’ve prepared a little fruit platter for us you’re going to dig into shortly, and they’re now at a second island. But I think, I’m just going to enjoy the Sun, and a little snack we just finished snorkeling, and what’s the best thing to do after you finish snorkeling is a couple body massage. So Stevens currently in a sound pod listening to natural sounds guys we just had the most amazing massage, and now we’re ending it with some ginger tea actually we’ll have to do this cup we should have this at home Cleo would love this car yes Cheers tea wow I feel. So alive at the moment just decided to go for a more relaxing massage this you woke up is like drool.

But I went for a deep tissue tough massage, and I woke up. Because it’s called an energizing massage, and I don’t work out ready to go, and explore. So we’re going to go around drive the buggy see what we can find on this island. But before we go remember this morning, I’ll put a checklist of some things they call our toothbrush, and toothpaste for us, and what the thing the thing is I got the humidifier like wedge you can get one of these we just jumped onto our own little private boat right here, and we’re going to go check out apparently one of the island food beautiful features just as the Sun of starting of that hello oh my gosh that water, I’m just going to sit here for the rest of the day probably the warmest waters I’ve ever felt generator is one of those beaches where you wish you could do like a cartwheel through one remember when he did gymnastics in school I never happen yeah um all right winds picking up let’s get us back to the resort this is cocktails seriously I don’t know how to say how warm this water is it’s like. So warm that you almost want it to be cooler. So it could be a bit more refreshing. But otherwise it’s a nice way to end the day we we first have some sunset cocktails back at the resort I think we’re going to go catch our boat which is waiting nicely for us, and go enjoy a bit of a drink seriously guys the one time I let him drive, and you stuck I didn’t Park your mistake all right you just come to the view restaurant which is on the cliffside savety thank you so much bye savvy car this looks.

So beautiful. But first we’re going to have some cocktail drinks, and then we’re going to move on to dinner I just spotted where we’re going to be having dinner wow that’s got to be one of the most beautiful restaurants of everything, and then there’s the Sun just setting over there for us Cheers is a beautiful sunset to have some cocktails, and funnels wow what a place to have dinner this looks good thank you oh my goodness that’s where we before, and now we come down here, and those colors whenever we come out to eat we always get different types of cutlery, and it’s always really funky like look at this it is cool with the time you have the cocktails I had the mocktail. So, I’m driving so much – give me the key you’re not driving everyone a seed that’s terrible you are at the buggy before we go to the cinema can we please go to the fee for our icecream room you’ve been asking for night room all day, and I’ve been trying to get my health on right is this also the light on oh there we go I’ve been training at my health on, and Steven you are aware of this. But the 24-hour ice-cream ruined before the movie make sure I should’ve driven Oh which one do I choose thank you so much thank you you know what guys the chocolate room is next to the ice cream room if there’s a 24-hour travel room next to the ice cream room, I’m celebrating let’s go on on top of that, and didn’t know that cornflake ice cream would work absolutely it’s really good we’re gonna park the car okay yes. So tonight it’s Cinema Paradiso oh that man of gasguard 7:30. But we’re going to watch satisfies plum. So this is what we got we’ve got a little comfy bed here got a bit of a blanket they’ve given us some popcorn, and I want to show you how cool the cinema is so it’s all just laid out we can’t have a private screening something everyone’s at a dinner, and then if you ever look here there’s just water, and then you’ve got the cinema screen over there it’s very cool alrighty guys I think we’re going to end the post here at the cinema I hope you enjoyed these last two fun days there’s been just just amazing for us if I loved it seems so much fun we still have one more stop left on our Southeast Asia trip, and we will tell you all about where we’re heading tomorrow can you around here we’d love for you to hit comment, and we’ll see you next time bye Hey.

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