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Let’s have a look at the top 10 beach holiday hotels in Mallorca, based on hours of online research and my own visit to over 250 hotels in Mallorca.

To be in this list all hotels not only need to have great reviews online, they need to live up to them in real life and also of course, need to have direct access to a nice beach. Let’s start directly with the first one in this top 10 out of over 250 hotels in Mallorca. 10. Condesa de la Bahia Alcudia The first one in this list is the hotel Condesa de la Bahia. Why is this one on 10th place? Well it has everything you could want for a beach holiday with the whole family. Direct access to the beach, great kids pool and good entertainment. However about the food there was some disagreement online. Most said it was great, others were not a big fan. From my own visit I could find that it was mostly deep fried snacks on offer during the day in the All Inclusive package. Many people most likely would like this and others may not.

5 Best Beach Holiday Hotels In Mallorca

5 Best Beach Holiday Hotels In Mallorca – Mallorca Holiday Guide Photo Gallery

My advice would be, if this does not sound like something you would like, simply book your holiday in Condesa de la Bahia without any food as you can book all kinds of foods and drink packages separately in the reception during your stay. The hotel Condesa de la Bahia is on the border between Alcudia and Playa de Muro where the beach is really nice. 9. Son Matias Beach Palma Nova For an adults only holiday in Mallorca right next to the beach you might want to choose the hotel Son Matias Beach. This hotel right next to the beach in Palma Nova has all the rooms facing the sea, so for sure you will have a great view, and the beach is just past a little pedestrian only promenade. Palma Nova has much to see and do as well as a large choice of restaurants so great for couples of all ages. Also the party life of Magaluf is closeby if that might interest you but the hotel Son Matias Beach is still far enough away not to be disturbed by it. 8. Fergus Style Cala Blanca Santa Ponsa This next hotel almost has its own private little beach. The hotel Fergus Style Cala Blanca, is located next to the little beach of Cala Blanca.

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This is a great secluded bay beach near Santa Ponsa. Not many people know this beach or come here, so it stays relaxed and quiet. The hotel is a great option for your family holiday right next to the beach in Mallorca. 7. Iberostar Playa de Muro Village Playa de Muro A bit more upscale, but also a bit more pricey of course is the hotel Iberostar Playa de Muro Village in Playa de Muro. It’s right next to one of the nicest spots on the Playa de Muro beach. The hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere, restaurant option next to the beach and direct beach access. If you decide to book the Iberostar Playa de Muro Village, pay attention you don’t book the Iberostar Playa de Muro, not Village, hotel right next door. That hotel is very different but easily confused. 6.

Hotel Cala Fornells Cala Fornells

Hotel Cala Fornells Cala Fornells near Paguera Another great option for a secluded beach holiday is the hotel Cala Fornells, in Cala Fornells yet close to Paguera. There are just 2 or 3 hotels here and nobody else nearby who comes to use the beaches here, so very relaxing and chill. There is no traffic either to disturb your holiday. The hotel Cala Fornells looks a bit old skool and antique on pictures but in real life is actually very classy and clean. 5. Sol Wave House Magaluf If you wanna party then the hotel Sol Wave House in Magaluf is one of your better options. The hotel is set right in the middle of the Magaluf beach and all the party life closeby. The beach is only 2 steps away from the exit of the hotel. It also has 2 surf pools and in general a youthful active atmosphere. 4.

Grupotel Parc Natural & Spa Playa de Muro The Grupotel Parc Natural & Spa in Playa de Muro is a very nice 5 star hotel. Not only does it have a great pool and restaurant next to the beach. From here you can walk directly through the dunes to the beach of Playa de Muro. There is even a little playground on the beach here for the kids. Grupotel Parc Natural & Spa also had some of the highest scores all over for hotel in Playa de Muro in general. 3. Hesperia Villamil Paguera Hesperia Villamil is a hotel in Paguera that has been around for many year but recently had an update and makeover to make it even more special. This is also a 5 star but not sure if it is adults only or not. During my visit I did not see any kids in the hotel but this might be coincidence. I could not find a clear answer online about it either.

The hotel Hesperia Villamil is right next to the main beach in Paguera and since the hotel is on a little hill, from pretty much everywhere in the hotel, you have an amazing view over the beach and sea. 2. Viva Bahia Playa de Muro The next hotel is again a hotel in Playa de Muro. This is because, Playa de Muro, is one of the only places on Mallorca that has many hotels directly on the beach. The family hotel Viva Bahia I also mention in my other post as winner for best family hotel on Mallorca. So if you are looking for a family holiday directly on the beach this might be a great option. The hotel has also great pools for the days you do not want to go to the beach. There is a pirate themed kids pool, an adults only pool for relaxing and a general pool for everyone. From the adults only pool above the pool bar, you directly overlook the entire hotel but also the beach and sea. Sol Beach House Cala Blanca Palma Nova Another great 18+ or adults only beach hotel is the Sol Beach House Cala Blanca.

Located right next to the beach of Palma Nova you have easy access to many bars, restaurants and some of the party nearby in Magaluf. The hotel feel very warm and welcoming. Kinda upscale Ikea feeling. in a good way. All the hotels in this top 3 had very similar scores. To make sense of this think of it like this: If you want an adults only hotel, choose the Sol Beach House Cala Blanca. If you want a great family hotel next to the beach, choose the hotel Viva Bahia. If you want a 5 star luxury holiday, then Hesperia Villamil is the best choice for you. If you are interested in booking any of these hotels in Mallorca I would advise you to use the price compare website Roomerank. It is one of the websites I used to make this post as it has a lowest price guarantee on all hotels. Or if you wish you can find an overview of all hotels I advice on my own website ..

If you are the owner, director or marketing department in any of these hotels mentioned in this post, or a hotel you think I might have overlooked, then you can get in contact with me on mallorca.

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