Gorgeous Adventures in Playa del Carmen

Hello today is the day we leave, and therefore now in Belize we were running very late to the airport, I’m never late for anything very stuff. So we’re here now waiting for apparently there’s a luggage police here she literally has a ruler a tape measure like all these rule books, and she’s just pulling people out of line, and making them pay for bags Hey we are waking up in Cancun got in late last night we got a hotel in Cancun for just one night. Because we’re actually standing Playa del Carmen. But we didn’t want to have to drive all the way there right after getting off her flight. So actually I got this hotel room for free thanks to my travel mile deals. So we did not have the easiest time getting to Cancun it was a bit stressful we realized that I reflected leaving an hour before we thought it was going to be leaving.

Gorgeous Adventures in Playa del Carmen Photo Gallery

So we were racing to the airport on the way from the rental car office back from the airport we got stopped by the police yeah. Because Taurus yeah in like five mil touristy. So yeah we got stopped by the police he said that Livio had gone through a red light when it was obviously not red just turning yellow effexor it was yellow, and he was like well yellow red you’re still getting a fine I was like ah he was trying to get Livio to give him money, and then the next police this lady she stopped us he was saying all these ridiculous things like that Livio was going a hundred. But he was only going like 40, I’m crazy wild accusation, and then she was accusing him of drinking, and not knowing how to drive actually, I’m not anything.

So yeah it’s just a bumpy start to a great experience in company yeah we’re gonna have so much fun here okay Hey from Playa del Carmen it is so beautiful here, and right now we are heading out the door as I speak to some sunny days. So, I’m so excited never seen one before looking through the jungle now to get to the cenote it is so hot I think it’s 94 percent humidity today look how clear the water is Oh I cannot believe that gorgeous it is. But fish are eating us they’re so cute you’d have to pay for this normally these ones are just in the wild they enjoy the job ah yeah we just got out of the cement a, and it was gorgeous nice beautiful it was the most beautiful place ever everywhere this is so amazing caves, and then water a minute. So clear, and then it started raining, and then it started raining hey Hey from the beach Matt sighs Oh Carmen. So gorgeous were here at sunrise I love Oh look at this little house on the beach you think it’s gonna be my new what’s going on here oh really yeah you live very simplistic where’s your furniture I don’t need that I have to see.

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