West Yellowstone Montana Trip

We are going to Yellowstone to Old Faithful, and gonna see some wonderful sights today everybody ready to go Yellowstone is widely believed to be the first national park in the world it was established by the US Congress, and signed into law by President ulysses s grant on March st when we talk about thermophiles basically what these are these are heat-loving microorganisms the bacteria that lives within these mineral springs, and hot springs, and they’re what gives these springs all of their beautiful colors Oh Tim is wonderful he does a great job yes thinking enjoy sit with your shows.

West Yellowstone Montana Trip Photo Gallery

I get to travel. I get to see great places. I get to be with great people and I’m always learning, it’s always something good all right.

So folks we’re gonna see what we can say here in a moment the big Jam way up there one o’clock position they take you all over the place, and they tell you all about the history that you would never get that if you went by yourself when we try to make you realize some of the things that are very relevant to the areas that you visit, and to help give you a better connection to some of the problems that they faced yesterday we had mentioned about the wolves, and the reintroduction of the wolves into the park that is a big issue on one hand it makes sense for the ecology of the park on the other hand, it’s. How they migrate outside of the park, and How they affect people especially ranchers we get these groups out here the NA, and they see this, and they hear these issues that are very relevant it pulls them in, and that’s what we want to do.

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