Johnny Feng from Shantou Tour Guide To China

Hey My name is Johnny from rui from Chengdu China and I’m the tribe leader for the Imperial China Tibet, and Yangtze River Trail actually.

I was born, and raised in such wonderful town pandas in the s. So there was a great period in my country. Because we have the open-door policy since the by our great leader mr.

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Den. So this really make my country changed a lot in the past of years we do have a lot of local custom. So the first day of the January which is considered a very important day for us we call the nuit Spring Festival just like your Christmas during that time there were seven great ways the dragon dance.

Because we call our Chinese people as the descendants of the Dragon having these kind of very unique, and traditional local custom which last day for more than for me personally. I do like my Chinese food especially the region where. I came from we have the very hot, and spicy food from my region Costa Tran food.

Because to have more spicy style food if you have the opportunity to visit my area like my silico Chengdu. So we are going to find a lot of local tea houses if they are in the open area. So once you go in there you are going to see our people getting socialized, and chanting with their friends every day, it’s also a very important thing for them just like him.

I heard that like Western people you like drink a lot of coffee but the area where. I come from, and even for Chinese people we like drink tea every day. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you soon in China you.

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