Jábegas The art of Malagas Traditional Fishing Boats

Welcome to Malaga Bay, situated in the Alboran Sea, in the most occidental part of the Mediterranean known for its rich waters and important marine traditions. Let’s take a look at some of the extraordinary characteristics of this unique bay. We invite you to visit this wonderful bay and to enjoy the Mediterranean and its natural resources.

Jábegas The art of Malagas Traditional Fishing Boats Photo Gallery

La Misa Flamenca the Flamenco Mass Fuengirola

We heard about flamenco, it’s a world heritage. Toque flamenco, cante flamenco, flamenco dance But have we heard about the flamenco mass? Welcome to Spain, where traditions are celebrated with joy. We invite you to experience the great and musical traditions of Spain.

Green Sensations an award-winning cocktail

Welcome to Benalmadena in the province of Malaga, one of the coasts preferred as family destinations. Today we’re going to be seeing a very different side of Benalmadena. Let’s take a look! We invite you to the beautiful Costa del Sol to try its many delicacies, including its award-winning cocktails.

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