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There is more to know about NASCAR than the lap times of the winning driver.

1: NASCAR is the number-one spectator sport in the United States, holding records for 17 of the top 20 highest-attended sporting events in the country.

10: The number of pounds that a driver can lose in sweat during a NASCAR race.

150: The number of countries where NASCAR races are broadcast. The races are translated into more than 30 languages.

293: The number of feet that a driver travels in one second while driving 200 mph on track straightaways. It’s the approximate length of a football field.

1,200: Races that are sanctioned by NASCAR. The races are run on 100 tracks in 30 states, Canada, and Mexico.

1948: The year that Bill France Sr. founded NASCAR.

2,000: The number of acres that the City Motor Speedway facility covers.

2001: The year that NASCAR began requiring in-car head and neck restraints for drivers. There hasn’t been a single driver death since the rule was implemented.

1 million: The number of dollars that the winner of the NASCAR Sprint AllStar race receives in prize money. If the winner were paid in $1 bills laid end to end, there would be enough bills to circle the 1.5-mile track at City Motor Speedway 63 times.

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THE TOLL By the time the earth stopped shaking, much Japan Subway Map of southwestern Haiti, including Port-au-Prince and a number of other communities in the Japan Subway Map affected region, were reduced to rubble. The awesome toll of life and property taken by this earthquake will never be fully known, but it was staggering. In terms of the percentage of a country’s population killed (estimated to be as high as 3 percent), it was one of the most horrendous events in history. The same holds true when the destruction’s economic cost is measured against the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). According to many estimates, the final cost will be a whopping $15 billion, more than double the country’s 2010 estimated GDP. Human Losses Although estimates vary, the Haitian government placed the official death toll at 230,000.

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