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Pennacooks and Abenakis, the former having been recently dispossessed of Jeddah Map Tourist Attractions their homeland, attack Dover. As France and England again go to war, native warriors in Jeddah Map Tourist Attractions the region ally with the French against the English. The English settlers have their own native allies, the Iroquois. The two sides continue to fight sporadically for two decades.

New Hampshire becomes a dangerous place to live for both native and non-native people as a series of retaliatory raids plague the region. Colonists refer to the conflicts as King William’s (16891697) and Queen Anne’s (17021713) Wars. The wars seriously slow New Hampshire’s population growth and hurt the fishing industry, even as they prove a boon to the Piscataqua-area naval stores producers. 1690 Leading citizens of Portsmouth circulate a petition for reannexation by Massachusetts. The Massachusetts governor, council, and General Court accept the petition, and New Hampshire is once again part of Massachusetts.

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