Las Vegas Vacations

My girlfriend and me have always talked about visiting the bright lights of Las Vegas, however, until recently we just haven’t been able to save up the

money to go. Well 2 months ago we finally have enough money to go out to the Nevada desert and try our hand at winning our money back! The trip to Vegas was literally one of the best and most entertaining trips aboard that we’ve ever had and I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone. Until we made the flight out to Vegas, the only thing I knew about Vegas was that it was in the middle of the desert and some things I picked up playing the DrVegas Game online! Here are a few of my highlights.

The Luxor Casino

As were in the world’s capital of gambling and betting, we had to visit a few casinos whilst we were in Vegas. Our favourite casino was the Luxor one located in the heart of the city. It was no problem to find, because it’s so distinctive, however our luck on the tables was not very good. We still had a great time though!

Grand Canyon

If you’re afraid of heights, it’s probably best not visiting the Grand canyon.

However, if you fancy braving it out, it’s certainly one of the most amazing sites you’ll ever see. It was unbelievable how big and wide the canyon actually is in real life. Make sure you take plenty of photos, but hold onto your camera phone tight!

David Copperfield

When you’re in the city of bright lights and entertainment, it’s mandatory that you go and see an evening show. Whether that’s a Broadway show or an entertainer of some kind, there’s so much to choose from in the city. My girlfriend and me decided on famous magician David Copperfield and we were not disappointed. I recommend anyone go and see one of his shows; it was simply amazing.

So if you’re thinking about taking that trip to Vegas like you’ve always talked about, maybe try one or two of these experiences and I’m certain you’ll have a great time with lots of memories.

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