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Yet the fact that, in the cases cited in Acts, laying on of hands was presented as known and practiced, and the potent image of anointing in the Holy Spirit as well as the use of actual oil in the OT anointings that were its presupposition, led, in the slow process of evolution of the baptismal liturgy, to the introduction of a laying on of hands and, later, of one or more anointings, as the final moments of the washing. But it is probable that the liturgical moment of initiation remained a unitary action, baptism, also called baptism in Spirit, without it being possible to distinguish individual rites as sacramental moments per se. This conception remains in subsequent centuries, though the different rites are already attested in the primitive sources. While the Didache speaks only of “baptism in living water” 7,1, and Justin offers little more, Tertullian and, soon after, Hippolytus’s Apostolic Tradition give us a deeper treatment of the individual rites within the overall structure of the celebration: baptismal washing triple immersion; “anointing with oil consecrated according to ancient custom”; “then hands are laid on, invoking the Holy Spirit with a blessing” Tertull. Bapt. 2 and 7-8; Neunheuser, Taufe und Firmung, 25. Hippolytus describes the whole rite in detail; he knows a double postbaptismal anointing, the first by a presbyter, the second with “holy oil” by the bishop, who finally signs the baptizand on the forehead consignans: 21. But the whole preserves a great unity.

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1524 Verrazano visits Narragansett Bay, and “discovers” dense populations of Jordan Metro Map Wampanoags and Narragansetts. The explorer praises the harbor, but his French sponsors do not take an Jordan Metro Map interest in the area. The Narragansett population is over 5,000, and its density is among the highest in North Country only in Mexico’s central valley and the pueblos of the Southwest are these figures higher. 1614 Adriaen Block, a Dutch sea captain, visits the region. His voyage results in a reasonably accurate map and the naming of Block Island, but no significant Dutch colonizing activity follows. 1620 Religious refugees found the English colony of Plymouth on Wampanoag land made available as a result of a series of epidemics that ravage the area from 1616 to 1619. The militarily weak English ally themselves with the Wampanoag sachem, Massasoit (Ousamequin), but they are careful not to run afoul of the Narragansett.

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