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With most teams, when evidence is found after an investigation it goes right up on their Web site, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube. The web is flooded with proof of the paranormal.

We have to ask ourselves how much of it is real, misunderstood or simply fake. Generally, it only takes a little common sense, a healthy dose of skepticism, and an understanding of the equipment being used to determine if something is actually evidence of the paranormal. Let’s take a look at various types of evidence collected to develop a good understanding of what is and isn’t genuine.

Photographic Evidence

Much of the evidence out there is photographic. Photos capture just a fraction of a second in time. Collecting something real in a photograph is very rare and most of the time we are simply misunderstanding what can cause abnormalities in pictures. Though a still camera seems so simple, many of us simply are not fully aware of how a camera works. We have included a collection of some common photo abnormalities at the end of the chapter. Most are not paranormal.

During our investigations, we have taken over 30,000 photos. In all those still images, we have only captured one photo we consider something paranormal (See Sample 1).

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