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Kashmir is called ‘Heaven of Earth.’ It’s true that if one wants to enjoy heaven on earth then that person should positively go to visit Kashmir. The presence of lakes, gardens, green jungles, water falls; flowers of varied colors and inbound natural beauty of Kashmir which is situated in between the peaks of Himalayas. On seeing Kashmir one can imagine what heaven would be like.

Hindu rulers last king Lalitaditya had last ruled on Kashmir till 1339, after this since 1420 to 1470 king Gasuluddin had been ruling Kashmir and he was a person with deep knowledge of culture. Akbar after getting impressed of the beauty of Kashmir he had built up one Akbar garden and many Masjid’s in this valley. Mughals did not rule Kashmir for a very long time. Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjeet Singh had banished away Mughals from here in 1838. In 1846 Doghra rulers had purchased Kashmir from Mahraja Ranjeet under the Amritsar Treaty. On division of India in 1947, then Jammu and Kashmir became one state of the country.

According to a well known poet Kalhan; before the arrivals of Arya dynasty and also 3000 years before Christ Kashmir was rule by the kings. On digging the remains of ancient rulers, temples etc have been found. According to the mythological remains, stone man; too have been found Jammu situated on the banks of river Ravi is considered as the main entrance of Kashmir valley; Srinagar is the capital city of the state Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir for its mountains, valleys, gardens, lakes and historical building attracts tourist in large numbers.

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Srinagar is 1,730 feet above sea level; it is spread over in an area of 103.9 square kilometer. Srinagar famous Dal Lake is spread in 12 kilometer area, in this lake houseboat and floating Shikaras are the great attractions for the tourist. At a distance of 96 kilometer from Srinagar on the banks of Liddar Lake Phalgam is situated surrounded by waterfalls, broad trees and Amarnath tours base camp. This valley full of natural beauty is also a religious spot.

Gulmarg a very well known hill station of this valley is situated at a height of 1,730 above sea level; here all those games that are played during winter time are played. Here the month of March is superb. The route towards Leh from Srinagar is called as Golden path, it is said that its water contains gold and it makes the person into gold who touches it. Also Kashmir’s Sufi Nurruddin’s Dargah is also here.

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